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We Celebrate Every Success

When it comes to articulating the full impact of WelseyLife, our residents and their loved ones say it best. We're proud to be a part of their journey toward joyful living and bright futures. 

Kennedy Freund and her grandma Carol accent-12

The team members went out of their way to welcome my father and make him feel his new apartment was a home, surrounded by 'family' who care about him.

Dale S.
Adult Child of Halcyon House Resident; Washington, Iowa

Christi comes every other Friday, and I usually have a list of things with which I need assistance: getting groceries, putting groceries away, changing my sheets, and occasionally turning my mattress. She knows me so well that she can usually anticipate what I need before I even ask.

Grace Green Dickerson
Former WesleyLife at Home client; Des Moines, Iowa

We are so appreciative of the wonderful care our mom receives in Wesley on Grand. Most team members treat Mom like she is their family member — what a testament to compassion!

Carolyn D.
Daughter of Wesley on Grand Resident; Des Moines, Iowa

I am so grateful for the skilled nursing care and therapy my husband received in Edgewater in West Des Moines. Because I was able to spend so much time with him there, I feel more prepared to assist him as he moves back home.

Sandy McGrane
Spouse of Edgewater Resident; West Des Moines, Iowa

I was able to do things I could never have dreamed I could do. I went from being moved from bed to bed on a sheet to being able to stand in no time. The physical therapists were awesome and taught me different ways to do things, and those things were attainable and made me feel independent again.

Ronda Redman
Hearthstone Resident; Pella, Iowa

I appreciate the team members' skills. They have realistic expectations for people with dementia, and they are able to balance my mother's needs with dignity.

Mildred D.
Daughter of Hearthstone Resident; Pella, Iowa

No matter who you are — whether you need cooking or cleaning, whether you need help with pain, or you need assistance to eat right — WesleyLife has something that will help you. If you are wealthy, if you are poor, they can help you.

Rita S.
At-Home Services Client; Des Moines, Iowa

This is the best community to live in. I'm happy I chose to be here.

Martha T.
Edgewater Resident; West Des Moines, Iowa

I loved the care I received. The team was friendly, caring, and helpful. Everything was super, and I really enjoyed it.

Larry S.
Park Centre Resident; Newton, Iowa

The simple fact that he was safe was such a blessing to me, and it was icing on the cake that he actually enjoyed his time there and participated in so many activities. I was able to hang on to my work, which was something that I needed for a sense of normalcy as well as income. It's much easier for a caregiver when you can hang on to some little bit of life outside of the house — and outside of the illness.

Sara Harless
Spouse of Adult Day Services Client; West Des Moines, Iowa

The people I care most about in this world are my family members. I have somewhere I can turn to for quality care for Jim. It's a wonderful, positive, rich way of life.

Mary Alice Jost
Wesley on Grand Resident; Des Moines, Iowa

In any intergenerational partnership, both groups benefit. As we grow older, sometimes we feel that we're not needed as much. These residents prove time and time again that they have so much to offer.

Wickie Dawe
Wesley on Grand Resident Life Coordinator; Des Moines, Iowa

We deliver hundreds of meals a day, often to people who don't have family or close friends around to check on them. For those folks, Meals on Wheels is a lifeline. We train our drivers to go in and do a welfare check, and how to respond if there's a problem. Doug [the driver] did what he was trained to do, and as dehydrated as Byron [the Meals on Wheels recipient] had become, Doug most likely saved his life.

Brett Peterson
Director of Community Nutrition and Transportation for WesleyLife

I would like to repeat how impressed I was with the staff, nurses, Erin, and PT staff. Everyone was so helpful and eager to make our stay as easy as possible.

Warren G.
Edgewater Client; West Des Moines, Iowa

It was such a blessing that she came. My dad lives alone, and was trying to get something in the kitchen, and had fallen into his walker — then landed on the floor. I wouldn’t have gotten there until later on that day, and who knows what shape he would have been in. I’ll always be grateful that the driver heard him and helped him.

Son of Meals on Wheels Recipient; Des Moines, Iowa

Given that she has dealt with health issues for some time and I've been relatively healthy, she would always say, 'What are we doing to do if something should happen to you first?' That was her worst nightmare, and I'll tell you, I thought we were there this week. I had no idea what would become of her care. And now, here we are in this beautiful place.

Dr. Leroy Hanson
Spouse of Wesley on Grand Resident; Des Moines, Iowa

The food was great!

Dennis A.
Edgewater Client; West Des Moines, Iowa

If you haven't been widowed, this might be hard to understand, but you really miss having someone to do things with — even just go out to eat with. It helped being at Halcyon House, as many people had gone through the same thing.

Halcyon House Resident; Washington, Iowa

This community is head and shoulders above the rest!

Jane Z.
Edgewater Client; West Des Moines, Iowa

When I got to my mom's house, I felt a tremendous sense of relief when one of the paramedics told me that she was going to be okay. My next feeling was immense gratitude toward Steffan. The doctors said Mom would not have lasted much longer, so Steffan really did save her life.

Denyse Steinke
Daughter of Meals on Wheels Recipient; Des Moines, Iowa

I had the extreme pleasure of staying at the Brio after a 2-week stay at a local hospital. The staff was/were/are absolutely amazing! I was treated like royalty! I received the BEST care!

Teresa D.
Brio of Johnston Client; Johnston, Iowa

When Pam (nurse) noticed a decline in my health, she increased nursing visits to weekly to ensure my mental health and physical health were stable, as losing my husband of 60 years has been really hard on me and my family. My family and I are truly grateful for WesleyLife and the services they provide.

At-Home Services Client; Des Moines, Iowa

My 93-year-old grandmother is being treated amazingly. The staff really cares about their patients.

Rob G.
Illini Restorative Care Client; Silvis, Illinois

Wonderful place to recover or stay, with friendly staff and excellent food!

Brio of Johnston Client; Johnston, Iowa

Every day, there's always something fun happening, whether it's with team members or residents. We have a program that allows for tuition reimbursement. I was able to utilize that and am now pursuing my RN degree.

Annette Cole, LPN
Hearthstone Team Member; Pella, Iowa

I don't mind getting older as long as I still feel young — and exercise keeps me that way. I started joining gyms when I retired, and here I am, living in a community with a beautiful fitness center.

Vera Rogers
Brio of Johnston Resident; Johnston, Iowa

For one thing, I would be a lot lonelier without them, and they are just wonderful ladies. I would recommend them to everyone. I can't imagine why someone who isn't related to me would care about me this much.

At-Home Services Client; Ankeny, Iowa
Group of cheerful senior people enjoy in conversation during lunch at nursing home accent

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