If you’re just starting your search for senior living options or for services to make life easier at home, you will likely have questions. WesleyLife can help.

Understanding the terminology, lifestyle options, payment types and health care considerations involved with moving to a community for older adults is an important first step in making sure you make the best decision for you or your loved one. A guiding truth for WesleyLife is our commitment to helping seniors live their best, most engaged lives … whether that is in one of our communities or in their own homes. But, first, let us answer some of your questions!

Levels of Living and Levels of Care

What is assisted living?

What is skilled nursing?

What’s a nursing home?

Is assisted living the same thing as a nursing home?

What is independent living?

How do I know if independent living is right for me or my loved one?

What’s the difference between assisted and independent living?

What is memory support?

What is long-term care?

What is short-term rehabilitation?

What is a Community for Healthy Living?

Community Life

What kind of security measures are in place at WesleyLife?

Do you allow pets?

Do you provide transportation?

Will all my furniture fit into my apartment home or townhouse?

What if I’m shy and have trouble meeting new people and making new friends?

What is the average age of residents at WesleyLife communities?

Costs of Senior Living

What is an entrance fee?

What are monthly costs?

How can I pay for independent living?

How much does independent living cost?

Making a Choice

Why should I care about not-for-profit status?

What is the approval process for becoming a resident?

How can I take a tour of a community?

How can I find out if there is a WesleyLife community near me?

How can I convince my mom to move into a senior community?

WesleyLife At-Home Services

How much does it cost to use WesleyLife's Home Care Services?

What Home Care services will Medicare cover?

How do I qualify for Medicare-reimbursed Home Care?

How long can I receive Medicare services?

What other funding sources are available for WesleyLife Home Care services?

How do I get started on Home Care Services?