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Short-Term Rehabilitation
Restore Your Well-Being

Get the immediate support you need to get back on your feet — and back home.
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Pursue short-term care paired with holistic wellness.

In short-term rehabilitation in a WesleyLife community, you or your loved one will access effective speech, occupational, and physical therapies to become well enough to return home — even healthier and stronger than before! 

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Here, you can restore your strength.

At WesleyLife, we work alongside medical teams to ensure you or your loved one receives exceptional support to return home quickly. The road to recovery can be complex to navigate with many voices involved. Our clients benefit from straightforward communication from a united team of dedicated professionals.

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We're invested in your recovery.

Short-term rehabilitation at WesleyLife is open to both current residents and those living outside our communities. Clients in short-term rehab enjoy the same amenities, programming, and delicious culinary options as residents in our senior living communities. The reality of rehabilitation after a hospital stay is made a little easier at a WesleyLife community. 

Envision your life, crafted to overcome any obstacle.

Find a new rhythm on your recovery journey with comprehensive physical, occupational, and speech therapies for healing.

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Continuity of Services

If your doctor is recommending short-term rehabilitation, it's important to find the right clinical services — and the right team of professionals — to assist. Our dedicated team provides occupational, physical, or speech therapies to support you or your loved one's recovery.

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Rehabilitation Specializations

Our rehabilitation professionals specialize in the treatment of orthopedic injuries and surgeries, strokes, neuromuscular insufficiencies, and cardiac conditions to support you or a loved one on a journey of healing.

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Network of Services

WesleyLife Communities for Healthy Living offer a broad network of health and well-being services, including post-rehabilitation services designed to help clients maintain their progress after they return home.

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Person-Centered Support

We provide wellness assessments and personalized plans for each client in short-term rehabilitation, focusing on holistic well-being to promote engagement beyond physical health.

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Check out our FAQs

Explore answers to your most common questions about short-term rehabilitation.

Short-term rehabilitation is also known as skilled rehabilitation or post-acute care. It's designed to help you recover faster after a hospital stay so you won’t require a repeat hospital stay. Typically, you would go to the onsite therapy gym one or more times a day for physical, occupational, or speech therapy, depending on what your doctor prescribes. Our team will be in regular contact with you, your family, and your doctor(s) throughout your stay.

Short-term rehabilitation could assist you in recovery from strokes, joint replacements, neurological ailments, and any number of surgeries, accidents, and illnesses. Many patients who are ready to leave the hospital aren't yet ready to return to their normal activity levels. At a short-term rehabilitation community or center, you'll receive a care plan to help you return to health and well-being as soon as possible under the care of doctors, therapists, and other experts in rehabilitation.

It depends on why you’re receiving rehabilitation care. People recovering from a knee replacement may need only a week or so of therapy, whereas someone recovering from a stroke may need a longer time to rebuild their strength. On average, most WesleyLife short-term rehabilitation clients are home in less than three weeks. New federal regulations mean that organizations like WesleyLife will do their utmost to ensure medical care is provided no longer than needed.

Federal rules are changing, so it is important to ask your hospital discharge planner if your short-term rehabilitation stay will qualify for Medicare. Typically, Medicare coverage is provided for rehabilitation following an eligible hospital stay. Those without Medicare may find their stays are covered by managed care or private insurance. You may wish to contact your insurance company to see if WesleyLife is part of your provider network.

For a short-term rehabilitation stay to be covered by Medicare, you must have been admitted as an inpatient for a qualified hospital stay. Typically, Medicare provides coverage if you were admitted as an inpatient for three consecutive nights in a hospital. Most of our clients come directly from the hospital, but people may be eligible for a short-term rehabilitation stay within the first 30 days of a hospital discharge, even if they go home first. Your doctor will determine if you have a short-term rehabilitation need. (Please note: Hospital stays for “observation” do not qualify for reimbursement.)

Your doctor will transfer all pertinent medical records to us. Please bring the following documents on your first day:
  • Your cards for Medicare, supplemental insurance, private insurance, Veterans Affairs, or Medicare Part D coverage
  • Long-term care insurance information
  • Medical and financial powers of attorney
  • Advance directives or living will documents

If Medicare is your primary payer source, you may qualify for up to 100 days of rehabilitation, if medically necessary. You must show steady improvement and be a willing participant in your rehabilitation for Medicare to continue your coverage.

You can qualify for another short-term rehabilitation stay once you have a 60-day "spell of wellness." This means you have no hospitalizations within the last day of your last short-term rehabilitation and your next qualifying hospital stay.

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