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Stay Active, Connected, motivated!

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Discover the best version of yourself.

Residents in our communities experience well-being-focused programming in every aspect of campus living. For our off-campus friends, we offer fitness classes, access to programs and services, and other great benefits. Learn more about the ways Well at Wesley can benefit you! 

Holistic Wellness with WesleyLife's Core4

These four elements were found in common in the Blue Zones®, areas of the world in which people live the longest lives. Life expectancy in the United States is currently 77 years, but Blue Zones residents consistently reach age 100. 

move naturally

The people who live the longest don't run marathons or even join gyms; they find ways to move naturally, bringing intuitive forms of exercise into their lives in a sustainable way.

right outlook

Research tells us having a reason to wake up in the morning can help us live as many as seven years longer. We encourage connecting to a purpose that adds deeper meaning to our lives.

eat wisely

It’s not just what we eat but also how we eat that helps us become and stay healthier. Enjoying a variety of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors is a great place to start!

be connected

Those around us greatly influence our health and well-being. Being connected is all about sustaining strong relationships with people who challenge, support, and grow with us.

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Be Well with WesleyLife

We invite you to join our Well at Wesley program, reach out to give us a try!
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