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Pursue Your Joy

At WesleyLife, we believe the value of aging is becoming who you were meant to be. We're revolutionizing the aging experience in the pursuit of joy. We are growing older, yes — but more importantly, we are growing whole.

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Where do you find your joy?

We find joy in our families, our friends, our communities, and ourselves. Joy is unique to each individual who experiences it. WesleyLife creates opportunities to pursue joy by connecting with the strengths, dreams, and goals of each person we serve. Here are some snapshots of the joy we experience.

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We are revolutionizing the experience of aging.

At WesleyLife, we believe in dynamic, inclusive communities in which all older adults thrive. The quality of a joyous life can be measured by the good we do for the world. Why do we say "with joy"? Put simply, the purest experience of joy is living a life full of love — for our family, our friends, our community, and ourselves. 

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We are transforming the lives of older adults.

We ensure our services and experiences are not defined by age but by individual ability, purposeful living, holistic well-being, and opportunities to experience joy. At any age, you can live purposeful life and pursue a joyful life.

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We are setting a new standard in joyful living.

Aging is shaped by each person, as they see it and define it. To demonstrate our commitment to and passion for this belief, we have taken up the torch to be the most dynamic and inclusive champion in revolutionizing the experience of aging. 

How do we measure the pursuit of joy?


One area we remain focused on is the number of lives we touch. As an organization dedicated to creating possibilities, we are armed with the tools to effect meaningful change.

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individuals we impact each year

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team members across 15 locations

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WesleyLife locations across Iowa and Illinois

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meals served to food-insecure individuals by the end of 2023
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Begin your
journey today.

Partner with WesleyLife to build a life full of joyful moments.

Explore Well-Being for the
Greater Community

We believe in joyful living, complete with enrichment, fulfillment, purpose, and physical well-being.

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Maintain your health and independence at home! Our 24/7 wellness coaching and programming can help you live there longer.

Explore WellAhead Membership
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Community Nutrition

Pursue a healthy lifestyle with fresh farm-to-table ingredients and leading nutritional advice from experts in the field.

Explore Community Nutrition
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Intergenerational Programming

We build bridges across generations through exploration, enrichment, and lifelong learning.

Explore Programming
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Envision a brighter future.

Our vision for the future is to be the most dynamic and inclusive champion to revolutionize the experience of aging. The way forward is a change in belief, narrative, and action. The way forward is the recognition of the beauty of a full life. This is The WesleyLife Way.

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Choose a life of joy.

Joy is measured in our relationships, our sense of self, and in our ways of experiencing life.

How will you pursue life’s greatest joys? Connect with our team today.

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