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What Is Assisted Living Like? accent

June 20, 2023 | By

What is assisted living like? Probably very different from what you’ve heard. Picture this scene: You wake up, receive help with some morning tasks, then head down to a gorgeous dining space to enjoy a healthy, nourishing meal. After that, you meet up with friends for yoga, enjoy a conversation with a neighbor, then relax in the salon — and that’s just the morning. This is the quality of life assisted living offers. 

Stereotypes about aging and senior living communities can prevent people from understanding how good life can be in assisted living. Here’s what to know about assisted living to help determine whether this level of living is the right fit  for you. 

What Is Assisted Living?

What is assisted living like? It depends on the community you choose, but you’ll generally enjoy support that can improve independence. 

Assisted living caters to people who want to live independent, active lives but need help with activities of daily living. Residents live in their own apartments or houses situated in a larger community that offers easy connections and maintenance-free living. You can access help when you need it while preserving your privacy. And because of this extra support, you’ll remain more independent. 

This level of living can improve your life, your health, and even your relationships. Perhaps that’s why more than 800,000 Americans reside in assisted living. 

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Every community that provides assisted living will have a team of trained caregivers available 24/7 - but they won't be providing care to every resident 24/7. Your care depends on your needs. And in WesleyLife communities, your independence and privacy are always central goals. We believe that assisted living offers a path to greater independence and a lifetime of dignity. 

The specific amenities and types of support differ at each community, so do your research to ensure you find a good fit. 

In most cases, these communities offer amenities such as: 

  • Prepared meals
  • Gathering spaces, including a variety of dining settings
  • Maintenance-free living 
  • Laundry and housekeeping services 
  • Transportation services
  • Programming, such as events, classes, and clubs 

Residents enjoy just the right level of support, which may include: 

  • Medication management
  • Rapid assistance in an emergency
  • Support with activities of daily living, such as bathing and grooming 
  • Relief from daily chores 

What Does an Average Day Look Like for a Resident?

In assisted living, there’s no average day and no one-size-fits-all approach to life. That’s because residents decide what they want to do and when. Residents who love socializing may spend all day at events or gatherings, whereas those who prefer a quieter pace might grab a meal in the dining space, then curl up with a good book or podcast. 

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

Like any other service, assisted living costs vary depending on where you live, the services offered, and the overall quality of the community. High-cost-of-living regions tend to come with higher assisted living costs. Assisted living financing may further affect the cost. According to Genworth Financial, the national average monthly cost for assisted living is $4,500.

This may take a significant bite out of your budget, but it’s important to consider the value of assisted living. You may become more independent, feel healthier, and avoid loneliness and isolation. Additionally, assisted living will eliminate many items from your budget, such as your mortgage or rent payment, utilities, grocery costs, and much more. Budgeting becomes simpler and more predictable. Moreover, long-term care insurance and some other benefits plans may cover the costs. Assisted living may also be tax-deductible

Why Should I Consider Assisted Living?

Are you wondering if assisted living is right for you? Assisted living could improve your quality of life if: 


  • You need daily support but want to maintain your independence and privacy. 
  • You want a more enriched life full of exciting programming and meaningful social connections.
  • You crave a simplified budget that includes all or most of your expenses. 
  • You don’t want to spend so much time worrying about home maintenance and meal preparation. 
  • You worry about what would happen if you ever needed help or experienced a medical emergency. 
  • You and your partner have different needs. Couples can live together in assisted living if they have different needs, as well as if they both choose assisted living. 

Assisted living may not be the right level of living if: 

  • You do not need help with activities of daily living. 
  • You need complex daily medical support. 
  • You’re seeking short-term rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. 

WesleyLife’s Communities for Healthy Living offer a continuum of care to support you and your family as needs change. This makes it easy to transfer from one level of living to another without giving up the active lifestyle you love. 

Assisted Living with WesleyLife’s Communities for Healthy Living

One of the most common complaints we hear from residents is that they wish they had moved sooner!

"We love our lives here at Brio. If we had it to do over, Dick and I would change only one thing — we'd go back and make the move sooner.” – Betty O’Neall, an assisted living resident

You deserve the quality of life that Betty and many other happy residents enjoy. Learn more with our free guide, “The Complete Guide to Assisted Living.”


The Complete Guide to Assisted Living

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