5 Things You’ll Find on a WesleyLife Community Activities Calendar

November 16, 2021  |  by WesleyLife

You’ve worked hard your entire adult life. Now it’s time for fun. An active life is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. It keeps you moving so you can stay fit and healthy, ensure your mind stays sharp, nurture new relationships, and breathe a new sense of purpose into your life. 

At WesleyLife, we help seniors shape the independent lives of their dreams. Whether that means developing new skills or just having something fun to do on Saturday night, we’re here for it. Our assisted living activities calendar is every bit as vibrant as our programming for independent living. No matter who you are or what you are interested in, there is something here for you. Here’s a small taste of the fun waiting for you in a WesleyLife community:

1. New and Old Hobbies to Explore

At WesleyLife, independent living can mean more time to do the things you previously set aside to fulfill your duties at work and home. How about enjoying one of our Wine at Five events to compare notes with friends old and new? Maybe learn how to bluff — or how to convince others you’re not bluffing — at poker night. You can also curl up with some popcorn at movie night, or join a campus singing group.

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2. Connections with Your Community 

Everyone deserves a sense of connectedness and community. We are all connected to the wider world, and at WesleyLife, we help you nurture and understand those connections by making new friends and learning about different ways of being. Share at our Men’s Early Morning Chat, or come check out our World Topics Discussion to stay abreast of the wider world, challenge your thinking, and consider your place in our global community. At WesleyLife, community is just outside your door, and everyone is welcome. 

3. Programs to Get You Moving 

Staying active and incorporating natural movement into your daily routine is one of the best things you can do for your health. It reduces your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, fights depression and improves your mood, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and strengthens your bones and muscles for better mobility. Whether you’re a lifelong fitness buff or just taking care of your body, finding the motivation to get up and get moving every day requires commitment and a bit of willpower. We make it easy with our exercise programs, walking groups, and walkable communities that encourage you to keep moving.

4. Expressions of Your Spirituality

At WesleyLife, every belief system is welcome. We want to help you nurture the beliefs that have carried you through your life. Each community offers a schedule of worship services that vary by frequency and denomination, including Catholic, Lutheran, and Methodist services. We are always evolving and growing, so we welcome you to start a faith community of your own at WesleyLife.

5. Celebrations of Your Unique Identity 

Life is the sum of our experiences. Your identity matters, and every resident brings decades of wisdom to our community. We know each resident has seen history unfold — and often played a role in it. We celebrate these experiences by honoring Black History Month, LGBT History Month, and more. No matter what you care about, there’s a way to celebrate it here. We invite residents to collaborate on new celebrations and connect with like-minded souls to build a welcoming and diverse community. 

At WesleyLife, every day is different, and our programming is perpetually evolving. To learn more about how you might spend your time here, check out a sample assisted living activities calendar

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