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What Is Assisted Living? accent

February 24, 2022 | By

Knowing your options can empower you in the search for a community with the right amount of support to enhance independence and complement your lifestyle. Senior living communities are not all the same, and some may not offer the right solution for your specific situation.

Assisted living is one type of senior living solution, serving more than 800,000 Americans in 28,900 communities across the country. Residents in communities that offer assisted living enjoy active lifestyles with additional support to enhance independence. This level of living can be a wonderful solution for adults who want to enjoy amenities and services while knowing a caregiver is near.

Are you wondering if assisted living fits into your plans? Let’s dive in: 

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is often compared to independent living but with extra support. Residents live in private apartments or houses in a community, but know that someone is always available to offer assistance with a task or help in case of an emergency.

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Assisted living residents receive extra support from experienced caregivers, making for a less stressful day and increased independence. Often, just the right amount of assistance can have many positive benefits. For example, support in managing medications can decrease the risk of missing doses or taking a pill at the wrong time. A team member can organize medications, taking stress out of the resident’s day.

Who is assisted living for?

Every adult in assisted living has personal preferences and needs. Residents are active and involved in their communities and cities. You will find them welcoming new residents, participating in the Resident Council, and enjoying the many programs or events in the community. And the programming is extensive, with yoga classes in the fitness center, outdoor concerts in the courtyard, devotional studies in the chapel, and so much more. 

What amenities and services are available in assisted living?

In our vibrant assisted living neighborhoods, “care” is defined in many ways. It can simply mean a friendly face checking in on you or your loved one each day. It can also mean medication management or help with activities of daily living.

Regardless of how assisted living is  tailored to your needs, every resident will enjoy all of the same amenities and programming as other residents in independent living. Amenities vary from community to community, but common amenities can include wellness and fitness centers, fine dining, access to a general store and banking, and more.

WesleyLife’s Communities for Healthy Living also sponsor events, trips, and other opportunities for residents. These can include group fitness classes, happy hour socials, pottery workshops, volunteer opportunities, and excursions to experience local dining and shopping.

How is assisted living different from independent living?

Assisted living is similar to independent living in that both lifestyles are catered to an individual's needs and desires. It’s common for both independent and assisted living to feature maintenance-free living, spacious floor plans, and amenities designed to enhance well-being.

However, assisted living residents receive the additional benefit of personalized support from caregivers and other team members, such as medication management, help with activities of daily living, and emergency response.

What is life like in an assisted living community?

Life at an assisted living community is what you want it to be! Residents pursue their interests and foster friendships with neighbors right down the hall. Exceptional communities offer opportunities for residents to try new things and live an exciting life, all while meeting their needs.

If you think assisted living could be the ideal choice for you or your loved one, learn more by taking the assessment. You can complete it in less than five minutes and will guide you to personalized results and information about your options.

The Complete Guide to Assisted Living

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