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4 Ways to Stay Active as You Age accent

December 2, 2021 | By

An active lifestyle doesn’t just feel good — it’s also good for you. Staying socially and physically active is critical for good health. And yet, most Americans don’t get enough exercise, and more than one-third of adults over 45 report feeling lonely. 

Active senior living communities cater to adults who want more — more connection, more joy, more purpose. At WesleyLife, our WellAhead program is critical to our communities’ success. This program supports good health and physical fitness, and you can enjoy it in a WesleyLife community or in your own home. These four strategies can help you stay active in the second half of your life. Ideas to Stay Active

1. Enroll in a Class or Activity

Having trouble getting motivated to try something new? Signing up for a recurring class or activity can encourage you to keep showing up. Book clubs, exercise or dance classes, or interest-based meetups are great ways to make connections while learning new skills or exploring your interests.

Feeling overwhelmed trying to narrow your options or find a group you connect with? The right independent living community can help. WesleyLife offers daily events, recurring classes, and plenty of other activities to fill your social calendar. 

2. Master a New Hobby 

Mastering new skills is great for your brain. It promotes more flexible thinking and can help reduce your risk of dementia and cognitive decline. Now is a great time to reignite an old passion, too. If you spent your entire career lamenting your lack of time to read, work on your garden, or finally write that novel, now is the time to do so.

At WesleyLife, our residents do it all. From coordinating community volunteer projects to teaching art classes to other residents, there is space for every imaginable hobby here. Our jam-packed calendar also provides plenty of opportunities to learn new hobbies — check out an example calendar here.

Are you living your best life? Whether you are looking for a complete refresh  or just a few tips, our free guide has you covered.

3. Use the Buddy System 

No matter how much fun an activity is, staying motivated to continue it isn't always easy. We all struggle with feeling tired and not wanting to gather all the supplies an activity requires. It can be even harder when you are doing something physically challenging, like jogging.

Use the buddy system to make it easier (and to keep yourself accountable). Join a class or pursue a hobby with a friend at the same time every week or month. A pet can also be an accountability partner because you can always count on Fido to get you moving when it’s time!

WesleyLife’s WellAhead program is another great option to connect with like-minded peers. We support older adults who live in our communities and in their own homes to improve their health and well-being. 

4. Learn More About Technology 

Technology connects you to the people you love. It’s also a powerful learning tool. You are a mere Google search away from expert teachers who can show you how to do just about anything. But the rapid pace of technological change is difficult even for career tech experts to keep up with. 

Don’t hesitate to take a computer skills class or spend some time Googling how to do whatever it is you’re hoping to accomplish. And if you’re a technological novice, rest assured that you can pick up these skills quickly. Start a blog, a Twitter account, or even a YouTube channel to share your knowledge. 

How Independent Living Can Help 

If you’re seeking a vibrant, active next chapter in your life, independent living can offer everything you want in a single location. No more scouring the internet for activities or driving across town to attend your favorite yoga class. Active senior living communities offer stress-free fun. 

So what is independent living? Learn more about getting started with senior living at WesleyLife.


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