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5 Independent Living Amenities You Can’t Access at Home accent

September 6, 2023 | By
Independent living is an excellent option for active older adults who want to enhance the next stages of their lives with greater convenience, community, and connection. Making a move is never easy, but you may be ready to take the plunge once you consider what you could gain by joining an independent living community. 

1. Maintenance-Free Living 

Maintaining your own property can be a burden throughout the year. Lawn care is an ongoing task in the spring, summer, and fall, and winter brings the need for snow removal. When you join an independent living community, you can say goodbye to tasks such as mowing the lawn, cleaning out gutters, shoveling snow, or making repairs. These maintenance tasks are all taken care of so you can enjoy your space without the upkeep that comes with owning (or renting) a house.

Depending on the community, independent living amenities may even include laundry and housekeeping services, allowing you to decrease your workload inside the home. Consider how much free time you could enjoy rather than spending it on seemingly endless chores.

2. Dining Options

Even if you enjoy cooking, everyone appreciates a day off from grocery shopping, preparing meals, and cleaning up. Unfortunately, on these types of days, many people are limited to driving to a restaurant or paying exorbitant delivery fees. 

In an independent living community, you can let your culinary talents shine in your own kitchen or take advantage of delicious and nutritious dining options on campus. Imagine your favorite café, bistro, or dinner spot being just a short walk down the hall or across the community. 

3. Gathering Spaces

A 2022 report found that common areas are the most in-demand amenity for active adults. If you enjoy gathering with friends, family members, and neighbors, you’ll love the many places to enjoy time together in an independent living community. These common areas may include:

  • Outdoor courtyards  
  • A firepit
  • A theater 
  • A game room 
  • Indoor sitting areas 
  • Pools
  • Athletic courts

At a senior living community, these great spaces may be mere steps away. So, in addition to hosting loved ones in your apartment or townhouse, you can also gather in larger spaces perfectly suited for fun and socialization. Plus, you don’t need to undertake the preparation and cleanup involved with hosting a gathering in your home. 

4. Robust Programming

Independent living is far from boring! At an independent living community, you’ll find no shortage of fun and enriching programming to fill your calendar. Movie nights, Bible studies and book clubs, group outings, and more provide opportunities to connect with peers and fill each week with exciting experiences. 

Rather than driving to a local library or community center, you can enjoy rich and varied programming on the independent living campus.

5. Fitness Options

Thanks to the variety of independent living amenities on campus, independent living communities are great places to stay active. Many communities offer workout centers, pools, walking trails, and more to encourage you to move naturally.  

You can also attend exercise classes and keep fit in the company of others. A fitness class can also be the perfect opportunity to try something new, such as boxing, weightlifting, or yoga. Exercise can stay fresh and exciting with so many options from which to choose!

Learn More About Independent Living at a WesleyLife Community for Healthy Living

In independent living, you can create a life with the perfect combination of privacy and community, downtime and socialization, and independence and support. WesleyLife Communities for Healthy Living provide a range of amenities to help you enjoy every day in your new home. It’s no wonder so many of our residents wish they had moved to independent living even sooner! 

Are you ready to see what independent living can offer? Find a community!

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