WesleyLife Week Toolkit

The following resources are intended to assist the WesleyLife Week planning committees. This year's event is being held July 6-13, 2018. 

Ready Set Go: Your Guide to 2018 WesleyLife Week

Awards Nomination Forms and Guidance

Nomination forms, promotional materials, and nomination writing tips are accessible within the WesleyLife Week "Awards" section of the Intranet. Award nomination forms are due by June 6, 2018.

WesleyLife Week Awards

Devotional Videos

Devotional Videos will be available by clicking on the following link, as well as on the WesleyLife Facebook page, DVD, and on our external website. 

WesleyLife Week Logo

To save the logo to your computer, use the "Save Link As" function by right clicking your mouse and selecting this link.  


Communities are encouraged to host fun daily events throughout WesleyLife Week that are community focused and provide an opportunity for team members, residents, clients and family members to participate. This year, there will be three (3) company-wide events.

Discover Your Purpose Activity. An activity to help team members and residents identify their gifts, interests, and values – turning these into a purpose statement. Every location across WesleyLife is displaying a Purpose Tree this week, where team members will place their purpose cards.  Everyone who completes a purpose card will earn our location points in the Wellness Award competition.

Live On Purpose Activity. When you live a life on purpose - you’re connected to your reason for being. You’re reaching your full potential, actively pursuing your purpose every day. This week, look for “purpose moments” – times in your day when you are living on purpose. At the end of every day during WesleyLife Week, use a Purpose Moment Card write down a purpose moment and post it around the Purpose Tree. Everyone who completes a purpose card will earn our location points in the Wellness Award competition.

Move with Purpose Activity. We will be using a free iPhone and Android app called CHARITY MILES to earn corporate sponsorship for charity while walking, running or biking. Increase your physical activity and pay it forward to charitable causes!

WesleyLife Week Event Listings. If you are in need of a little inspiration in planning this year's events, provided below are the consolidated listings of events across WesleyLife from 2015, 2016, and 2017 for your reference.  

Promotional Materials

WesleyLife Week T-Shirt

2018 WesleyLife Week T-shirt orders are due by May 22, 2018. Orders are being coordinated by Kristi Bottoms