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Addressing Doubts: 6 Common Objections Around At-Home Services for Seniors accent

April 3, 2024 | By

At-home services are a valuable resource for older adults, allowing them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life in the place they love. When they see how these services can improve their everyday lives, people who sign up for them often wish they had done so sooner. 

So why is the decision to seek services frequently a drawn-out one? Often, people feel a reflexive resistance to the idea of senior living services based on common misunderstandings. If you or a loved one feel uncertain about whether these services are the right choice, take a moment to explore some of the most common objections to at-home services for seniors.

Desire for Independence

Objection: “I don’t want to lose my independence by depending on someone else.”

Reality: At-home services can enhance your independence, allowing you to remain in your home as long as possible.

If you value your independence, you’re not alone; a desire for as much self-sufficiency as possible is perfectly natural. You may worry that hiring an at-home aide could lead to a loss of autonomy or control over your daily activities.

In reality, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to at-home care, so you don’t need to worry about losing your autonomy. You decide what works for you. Plus, at-home services can help you remain at home longer by:

  • Providing assistance where you need it
  • Enhancing your health and safety
  • Restoring balance to your family relationships

If you want to maintain your independence as you age, seeking assistance is an excellent way to do so.

Discomfort with Strangers

Objection: “I’m not comfortable having a stranger in my home.”

Reality: You can develop a trusting relationship with your at-home aide or meal delivery person.

You may feel uncomfortable allowing a stranger into your home because you value your privacy or feel concerned about security. You may feel reassured to know at-home services team members are carefully vetted to ensure they have your best interests at heart and pose no risk to your security. In fact, they can enhance your safety and security through their ongoing assistance.

Also, know that some providers (including WesleyLife) do their best to maintain consistency, assigning the same aide or delivery person to visit you regularly so you can build a relationship. 

One of our WesleyLife at Home family members describes the type of relationship his mom built with her caregivers this way: "When I visited last time, Mom was showing me pictures of the nurse and the aide who helped her! She has them up on the refrigerator with the pictures of me and my kids. She calls her helpers 'my girls' and, boy, does she look forward to seeing them. And they care about her, too; they have my cell number and call me anytime there's something they're concerned about."

Preference for Family

Objection: “I’d rather receive help from my family.”

Reality: At-home services can complement help from family, freeing up loved ones to focus on quality time with you.

It’s natural to feel more comfortable with care provided by family or close friends, but when you depend solely on these individuals for help, you may find your needs aren’t fully met because you’re reluctant to ask for assistance every time you need it. Or, if you do accept consistent help from family members, you may find your relationships negatively impacted as time spent together becomes more about caregiving or household chores and less about simply enjoying each other’s company. 

By accepting help from a home health aide, personal assistant, or meal delivery organization, you can free up your family members to enjoy time with you when they visit instead of focusing only on meeting practical needs.  

Remember that receiving help from at-home services isn’t an all-or-nothing decision; you can still accept some help from family. Many people benefit from a combination of family caregivers and at-home services to meet their needs and make life at home more comfortable and fulfilling.

Incompatible Needs

Objection: “The type of help I need wouldn’t be included in at-home senior services.”

Reality: At-home services include a range of customizable services to meet your specific needs.

Perhaps you hold certain ideas about what at-home senior services consist of and believe the assistance you need doesn’t fit the bill. In reality, these services are extremely flexible and customizable. You can mix and match the types of assistance you receive from day to day or week to week, depending on your needs.

You may be surprised by the numerous forms of support available. For example, WesleyLife at Home team members can help with:

  • Medically supportive services
  • Hands-on assistance with activities of daily living
  • Grocery shopping and errands
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Prescription medication pickup, organization, and reminders
  • And much more

Are you wondering whether you could receive help with a specific task? Just ask! Aides are accommodating and willing to help however needed, within reason. 

Resistance to Change

Objection: “I’m getting by fine as it is. I don’t need to alter my routine.”

Reality: You don’t need to wait until you’re desperate to sign up for at-home services. You can enjoy an improved quality of life right now.

Change can be challenging for anyone, but sometimes, it can help you enjoy a more satisfying life. You may be doing all right now, but would you say you’re thriving? What if you were able to experience improved peace of mind, more time to enjoy the things you love, and more delicious and nutritious meals? The list goes on!

Consider the benefits you could experience by signing up for at-home services now, even if these services sound like more of a luxury than a necessity. You can start enjoying greater convenience and enrichment at home, and as your needs evolve in the future, you’ll possess a solid support system to seamlessly fill in gaps as needed and help you maintain your independence. 

Cost Concerns

Objection: “I can’t afford at-home services.”

Reality: At-home services can be surprisingly affordable.

Cost is a common concern for individuals and families considering senior living services of all kinds. Especially if you’re living on a fixed income, you likely want to avoid taking on expenses that don’t fit comfortably in your budget. However, you may be pleasantly surprised by how manageable the costs of at-home services can be.

For WesleyLife at Home, prices for non-healthcare-related assistance start as low as $27 an hour. When it comes to healthcare-related services, you can count on insurance to cover the costs of most services deemed medically necessary by your healthcare provider.

As you budget for at-home services, consider existing costs these services could replace. This holistic approach can be far more cost-effective than paying individual professionals to assist with dog walking, transportation, cleaning, and more. 

See if you could save money through senior living services with this cost calculator.

Overcoming Objections and Enhancing Quality of Life Through At-Home Services for Seniors 

Although you may be hesitant to try something new, it's important to recognize the immense value at-home services can offer. By embracing these services, you can maintain your independence and enjoy a higher standard of living while remaining in the comfort of your own home. 

Want to learn more about the types of at-home services you can choose from? Explore your options in The Complete Guide to At-Home Services!

Learn more about at-home services in our complete guide!

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