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Well-Being in Your 70s: 4 Tips to Age Gracefully accent

August 7, 2023 | By

Change and uncertainty can be challenging. However, growing older doesn’t need to fundamentally change your life or outlook. Growing older is a gift. Time is our most precious asset, and aging gives you more of it. As you age, you may become more confident in who you are and more committed to living life as you see fit. The challenges you surmounted may inspire a greater appreciation for life and deeper empathy for others. 

Research consistently finds that people tend to be happier and experience fewer negative emotions as they age. In one study, researchers found that happiness tends to steadily increase after your 40s. Everyone is different, and there’s no right way to age or spend the next chapter of your life. But these tips for how to age gracefully in your 70s and beyond can inspire you to live your best life. 

1. Focus on Relationships 

One of the longest-running studies of aging, health, and human development has found a clear connection between solid relationships, a connection to community, and a happier, healthier, and longer life. Your best friend, kids, spouse, fluffy dog or cat, internet friends, and even the barista you chat with every morning all improve your well-being. The more socially connected you feel, the more support you can access when needed and the more opportunities for joy and meaning you’ll experience. 

Every relationship counts, so find ways to cultivate your relationships. For example, you can:

  • Carve out regular time for loved ones. Consider a standing video call date or regular brunches with a friend or family member. When something is integrated into your schedule and routine, you don’t need to worry about endless texts back and forth making plans. That means less stress and more time for connections. 
  • Make your interests social. Join a book club, athletic team, support group, or garden club to meet like-minded people.

2. Do What You Love 

What makes you happiest? Happiness feels good, but it’s also important for your health. For example, staying intellectually active may reduce your lifetime risk of dementia. Time with your favorite pet could lower blood pressure and stress. You get just one life, and you deserve to enjoy it. Find ways to maximize time spent doing what you love the most. Start a new hobby, or take that class you always wanted to try. Aging well means investing in yourself. 

It’s equally important to ditch things that don’t bring you joy. Tasks such as making the bed every morning or perfectly landscaping your yard are not necessary if they don’t make you happy. 

WesleyLife residents frequently tell us that yard and home maintenance is at the top of the list of things they won't miss as they transition to a community lifestyle. If you feel the same way, it's time to start exploring options to reduce how much of your time is eaten up by those chores. 

3. Prioritize Health 

Growing older doesn’t need to mean declining health. Prioritizing your physical health can positively impact your quality of life. Even if you’ve never thought much about your health before, it’s never too late to feel your best. Some simple changes can help you live healthier, better, and maybe longer: 

  • Eat a variety of nourishing, healthy foods. You don’t need to banish the occasional treat from the menu. It’s all about balance! Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins are especially important to good health. 
  • Become more physically active. Walking with a friend, spending time in the garden, and decorating your house all count as exercise. Regular, daily movement is key to staying healthy, and there are many ways to incorporate it into your life. You could also consider joining a yoga class, doing water aerobics, or even trying a new sport if you are feeling more adventurous. 
  • Make a plan to manage any chronic health conditions. There’s a lot you can do to feel better, so schedule an appointment with your doctor. And if you haven’t seen them in a while, now’s a great time to schedule a chat and some blood work. 
  • Control your stress. Make any lifestyle changes gradually instead of making all the changes at once in order to decrease stress. You deserve to enjoy your life. The right community can ease the burdens of home maintenance, meal preparation, and more, so you can live life on your own terms. 

You should always care for yourself the way you would care for a loved one. You’re worth the time and effort, and investing in yourself will pay dividends to your family, friends, and community. 

4. Make It Easy to Achieve Your Goals 

What’s most important in our lives at 70 is likely the same as it was at 60, 40, or even 20. Give yourself time to reflect on what you want your 70s, or just your life, to be full of. There’s nothing magical about the seventh decade that requires you to adopt a new personality or lifestyle. Life should instead be about finding what you love, and doing that as much as possible. We're here to help you make that a reality.

For more advice on aging gracefully in your 70s and beyond, download our free guide, Living Your Best Life After 55.


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