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How Much Does Independent Living Cost? accent

July 5, 2023 | By

Are you craving a more enriched lifestyle, less stress, zero home maintenance, and easy access to great meals? The right independent living community can help you achieve your goals. Whether you want more friendships, a vibrant social calendar, an end to home maintenance, or all of the above, the right community can enrich your life. But how much does independent living cost? 

Many prospective residents worry they can’t afford independent living. They look at the quality of life and the typical cost of such amenities and mistakenly assume that independent living is well outside of their budget. However, the truth is that independent living can be surprisingly affordable and might even help you save money. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of independent living. 

What’s the Average Cost of Independent Living?

Independent living costs range from $1,500-$6,000 per month or more. However, the average independent living cost doesn’t reveal much about what you’ll pay. The following factors may influence the ultimate price tag: 

  • Geographic location 
  • Quality and reputation of the community
  • Services and amenities included
  • The style and size of the home you select 
  • Real-estate prices 

As you’re considering a community, make sure you understand its pricing structure. Some communities charge an upfront fee that decreases monthly costs. Others operate on a model more akin to an apartment lease, charging a higher monthly fee. 

When looking at the price, it’s also important to consider how independent living could actually decrease your living costs. Independent living will remove your monthly mortgage or rent, utilities, food costs, and various other expenses. Rather than adding the monthly price to your budget, you’ll be eliminating other expenses.  

What’s Included in the Cost of Independent Living?

Independent living covers more than just housing. Although the services and amenities vary from community to community, you will likely gain access to: 


  • Home maintenance: This includes landscaping, housekeeping, and other services that ensure a maintenance-free lifestyle.
  • Exceptional meals: Enjoy meals in a range of dining spaces, or grab a snack and take it back to your apartment or townhome.
  • On-site amenities: These include pools, walking trails, fitness centers, salons, gathering spaces, and more.
  • Laundry: Many communities offer in-home washers and dryers. Some also offer laundry services. 

How to Pay for Independent Living 

As you map out how you will pay for senior living, consider the items independent living might eliminate from your budget. Selling your home may also offer a significant nest egg to help fund the costs. 

Retirement income, a pension, or money from freelancing or a part-time job can also help. Financial assistance also might be available for those who qualify.

If you’re unsure how you’ll pay or worried about the costs, reach out to the communities you’re considering and request a price estimate. The community may be more affordable than you think because independent living tends to eliminate certain expenses.  

Moving to a WesleyLife Community 

Moving to independent living doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive. WesleyLife Communities for Healthy Living are here to support you as you chart a course through the second half of your life. We also offer our WesleyLife Promise: If you exhaust your resources through no fault of your own, we won’t ask you to leave your home with us, and you will never experience a reduction in care. 

Want to learn how independent living could impact your budget? Check out our free cost calculator.

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