Meals on Wheels Menu Choices

WesleyLife Meals on Wheels offers a wide menu selection to meet your needs.  All of our meals meet low-sodium, heart-healthy special diet requirements and offer one-third of the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI's) for older Americans.

Hot meal

Hot, homemade meal

We offer a traditional hot, homemade noon meal that is individually packaged, heat-sealed and delivered fresh to your door Monday through Friday. The complete meal package includes whole-wheat bread, dessert or fruit, 1% milk, and 100% juice.

Deli sandwich

Deli selection

Individuals may substitute a hot meal for a deli selection. Each meal comes with two side salads, a cookie or fruit, 1% milk, and 100% juice. Deli selections include:   

  • A fresh green salad, such as Club, Chef, Cordon Bleu, Mandarin Chicken, or Oriental Salad.
  • Chilled deli meat or deli salad sandwich.
  • Freshly wrapped deli meat, cheese and vegetable wrap.

Frozen meal

Frozen tradition

The ultimate in convenience, frozen weekend meals packages are delivered on Fridays.

Hearth Healthy Eating

Special diets

We make every effort to accommodate special needs,

  • Diabetic/no concentrated sweets
  • Mechanically soft/ground/pureed
  • Low sodium
  • Low cholesterol/heart healthy
  • Liquid meal supplements are also available with a doctor's prescription

In addition to providing meals to fit special diets, we also provide suggestions and education on how to fit our meal options into any special diet prescribed by a doctor.