First Steps Meal Program

Coming home from the hospital or a skilled nursing community?  Recovering from illness?  

First StepsIf you're 60 or older, we'll bring you 3 free meals, delivered to your front door.

No strings, no catch, nothing for you to fill out. 

Research shows if you're an older adult returning home from the hospital, it can take up to two weeks for you to regain your strength and resume your typical daily activities.   

Receiving meals through our First Steps meal program can give you the "fuel" your body needs to recover more quickly.

The First Steps program allows us to offer any current or new client age 60 or older 3 free meals during his or her first days at home after a hospital or short-term rehabilitation stay. If he or she likes the meals, we'll continue to deliver them, and appropriate charges, if any, will apply for those subsequent meals. If he or she doesn't want to continue delivery, we'll go away quietly!

How to start meal delivery

For more information or to sign up for service, call (515) 699-3243. No strings are attached; meals are entirely free for 3 days.