Pursue Your joy

Revolutionizing the
Experience of Aging

How do we measure
a life well lived?

What is the value of

a smile?

a kind word?

quality time together?

of a vital life?

At WesleyLife,
we believe the value in
the experience of aging is about
becoming who you were meant to be.
We are growing older, yes.
But more importantly, we are growing whole.

"Ageism" is a stigma.

It says that aging means decline;
that aging means disability;
that aging is a defect;
that aging is an unchangeable affliction;
that aging isn’t fun;
that aging can’t be joyous.

We don’t buy into the stigma of ageism.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of continued growth, experience, and meaning — and to pursue joy, regardless of physical, social, or economic circumstances. The experience of aging is shaped by each person — as they see it, define it, and experience it.

To demonstrate our commitment to and passion for this belief, we have taken up the torch to be the most dynamic and inclusive champion to revolutionize the experience of aging.


...because as an organization that is dedicated to creating possibilities, we are armed with the tools to create meaningful change in our ever-evolving world.


...because our foundational way of serving develops welcoming environments where people are accepted, appreciated, and encouraged to connect.

A Champion...

...because if not us, then whom? Because this movement calls for a leader that has been proven to protect, honor, and invest in the people and resources with which it has been trusted.

Our Movement

at WesleyLife is to

Revolutionize the Experience of Aging.

Orange dots arranged in a circle

Our revolution is a vision away from the stigma that aging means decline, and toward the experience of not growing OLD, but growing WHOLE.

This revolution can teach us that the future is ours for the making—that life transitions are ours to embrace. That at any age, there is a purposeful life to be lived and a joyous life to be pursued.

Orange dots arranged in a circle

This is an internal call to rise to our greatest potential and a public invitation for our stakeholders to join us in our united revolution. By uniting in cause and action, we can overcome the stigma of aging and create a more harminous path forward.

The quality of life can be measured by the good we do for the world.

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At its core, working to destigmatize aging —
and the resulting benefits of doing so — illustrate John Wesley’s challenge:

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

Dots arranged in a square

This passage has inspired us since our inception — and what better way to “do good” than to help create a world where “older” does not equal “less than”? Our heritage compels us to serve, and serving to seek real change brings us joy.

Why do we say "joy?"

Dots arranged in a circle

More than fleeting pleasure and happiness, JOY is experienced as we pass through the thresholds of deep contentment.

Exhibiting it as we live lives of grace and love, we find JOY in our families, our friends, our communities, and ourselves.

JOY may be something that’s practiced, searched for through passing acts of grace that arrive from the simplest of life’s moments.

JOY is measured in our relationships, in ways of living, and in ways of experiencing life.

Lines arranged in a circle

The greatest revolution might just be to age and live with joy.

At WesleyLife, we create opportunities to pursue joy by connecting with the strengths, dreams, and goals of each person we serve, wherever they call home. 

To pursue joy is to awaken to a spirit of living, holding nothing back in the

adventure of life.

The latitude to create joy comes from the knowledge that our foundations are rock-solid. We’ve quashed the stereotypes since the beginning, helping to evolve the perspective that aging can be a time of great freedom, curiosity, and hope.

At 75 years young and counting, we know our work is not done…but we push forward with a sure vision that people of any age can embrace new ways of experiencing the world.

Moving through life, we realize the dynamic nature of living — that things change and evolved thinking can replace worn-out stigmas.

As we live with joy, we can challenge the status quo. This movement is a visionary cause that brings people together to shape new ways to seeing and experiencing the world.

Our history has been shaped by our insistence on championing change, and we continue to innovate to address new challenges:

How will we re-imagine senior living to simply “living”?

How will we create experiences that help people live longer, healthier lives?

And how will we help people pursue their joy, regardless of age and circumstance?

We will answer those questions with action!

We will grow to be the most progressive, most inclusive partner of health and well-being experiences.

We will positively impact ageism through the investments of dedicated time, committed resources, and innovative approaches.

We will evolve the narrative around the experience of aging.

We will create opportunities for connection as committed champions of diversity.

We will bravely and faithfully address gaps in services across diverse populations.

We will ensure that our services and experiences will no longer be defined by age of decline, but rather individual ability, purposeful living, holistic well-being, and opportunities to experience joy.

We will expand our mission from multi-site to multi-state and serve a vital and growing need for services and experiences that enrich the lives of the people we serve — in ways previously not thought possible.

Here ‘s how we help you Pursue Your Joy and work the WesleyLife Way:

We Create Possibilities.
Not defined by limits, we encourage the pursuit of joy.  We inspire trust through honesty, demonstrate courage and compassion in everything we say and do, and achieve meaningful change.

We Achieve Extraordinary Results.
We anticipate and fulfill wants, needs and wishes in the everyday experiences we collaborate to create.

We Share our Responsibility.
We share in our responsibility to protect, honor and invest in the people and resources with which we have been entrusted. 

We Foster Belonging & Connection.
We cultivate welcoming environments where people feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and connection by doing all the good we can, for all we can.

We Demonstrate Compassion.
We value, honor, and respect each person we serve by treating them as they wish to be treated.

We Champion the Pursuit of joy.

Dots arranged in a circle

Our envisioned future

is to be the most dynamic and inclusive champion to revolutionize the experience of aging.

The way forward is a change in belief, in narrative, and in action.

The way forward is the recognition of the beauty of a full life.

This is The WesleyLife Way.

This revolution is yours and ours, together.