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Assisted Living

You want to live life independently, but sometimes you need a little help.That's where Assisted Living with WesleyLife comes in. Designed for older adults who require some degree of assistance every now and again, WesleyLife offers a better approach to assisted living! 

Life, the way you want -- with help when it's needed. 

Happy elderly couple enjoying life at WesleyLife assisted living community.

All WesleyLife communities offer Assisted Living, which provides residents with the reassurance that team members are immediately accessible when help is needed. Often, life in Assisted Living is quite similar to life in Independent Living, with the exception of the availability of services such as medication monitoring, assistance with personal care, housekeeping and laundry assistance, and round-the-clock emergency assistance if needed.

Most importantly, Assisted Living with WesleyLife revolves around health and well-being. As an organization, we believe in providing residents and clients with the tools to live life the way they want to, and those "tools" are the components of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. All of our programming -- whether someone is a resident of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, one of our Health Centers, or is visiting us for Short-Term Rehabilitation -- has been designed around providing residents with ample opportunities to live lives of enhanced purpose and meaning.  

Assisted living with real independence.

Senior man being helped by friendly, professional staff member.

At WesleyLife, Assisted Living is more about the “living” and less about the “assisted.”

Thousands of older adults have benefited from WesleyLife's wellness-based programming and services, making it possible for them to live lives of enhanced purpose and meaning. Each of our 10 campuses offers interior and exterior spaces designed to encourage camaraderie and a sense of community, and the caring and dedicated team at each location fosters a warm, welcoming environment that helps residents and their families make the most of each day. 

We provide residents in Assisted Living with a variety of services, including:

  • Programming to enhance well-being of mind, body, and spirit
  • Healthy, delicious cuisine in a choice of venues
  • Personalized assistance as needed  
  • Convenience-related services and amenities, such as housekeeping and trash removal
  • ...and much more!

Assisted Living in all of our communities -- as is the case throughout WesleyLife -- is structured around four organizational pillars: Excellence, Well-Being, Heritage, and Innovation. We trace our success and the health of those we serve to those four strongly held premises that guide each organizational decision we make.

Feel at home, and at ease.

Smiling elderly women enjoying life in an assisted living community.

We understand that each resident requires a unique level of medical and personal attention, and we work with each individual to ensure we are exceeding expectations. We promote independence and freedom of choice, and we provide each resident with the tools needed to live life according to his or her wishes.

Please note that because all WesleyLife Assisted Living offerings are licensed and in full compliance with state standards, our care teams create a personalized plan for each resident, fully detailing the services each resident needs and desires. Care plans are reviewed on a regular basis.

Learn more today about how Assisted Living in a WesleyLife community can enhance your life or the life of someone you love!  

"We love our lives here, and the peace of mind is an added benefit." - Betty O., Brio
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