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Support Person-Centered Care with Dignity and Choice

Your contributions support families through their darkest hours.

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Help clients live with dignity, comfort, and support for as long as they can

Donating to WesleyLife Hospice means you’ll help support services and programming designed to make a difference in the lives of clients and their loved ones. You'll be helping fund supports to enhance client comfort  ... and bring education to the people who love them to support them along this journey. 

Your Donation Makes an Immediate Impact

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Bereavement Support

Your monthly donation of $312 provides bereavement resources to family members and caregivers grieving the loss of their loved one, following the hospice journey.
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Client Support

Your monthly gift of $1,045 provides compassionate hospice support to a financially vulnerable client for the first 60 days of hospice care.
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Wesley Wishes

With your support of $500, a hospice client's end-of-life wish can become reality, bringing peace to them and their families.
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His Wesley Wish Came True

Harris VanKooten, 90, was a U.S. Air Force veteran who had been scheduled to take a Freedom Flight with his son, but a transition to hospice services rendered him unable to participate. Family members said missing the flight was a great disappointment to him.
As part of the "Wesley Wishes" program, WesleyLife Hospice team members arranged for a private pilot to take Mr. VanKooten for a helicopter ride of his own. Preceding the event, he received an Air Force certificate and pin in a small ceremony to thank him for his service.
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Learn More About WesleyLife Hospice

Learn more about our person-directed hospice services and the types of experiences your donation will fund by downloading this brochure.

Everyone from WesleyLife Hospice helped our aunt feel comfortable, loved, and cared for. Not only did they support and care for Maxine, but they comforted family members as well. You are angels.
Betty & Jeff Anderson
Mom was ready to go. I knew she wouldn't have wanted to suffer, and WesleyLife Hospice made the process comfortable and as pleasant for her and for all of us as possible. In the end, Mom was at peace.
Donna S.
Daughter of Mary Ann S., a WesleyLife Hospice client
We were so afraid of asking about hospice. Once we did, we wondered what had taken us so long. Mom is more relaxed, and she has more good days.
Karen A.
Ankeny, IA Client

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Tax-deductible charitable contributions

WesleyLife Foundation, an IRS Section 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, is qualified to receive deductible charitable contributions. Our EIN number is 88-2893273. Charitable contributions are defined as a donation or gift to, and for the use of, WesleyLife Foundation. Gifts are voluntary and are made without receipt of, or promise of receipt of, anything of equal value.

Generally, you may deduct contributions of money or property you make to, or for the use of, WesleyLife Foundation. Consult IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions or your tax advisor on the amount of your deduction.

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Make Your Difference

WesleyLife Foundation’s EIN number is 88-2893273