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Guest Blog: The Characteristics of Spiritually Healthy People

posted on Thursday, August 8, 2019

Rev. J-P Channels By Rev. Jason-Paul Channels

WesleyLife Spiritual Life Specialist

(The tagline of the WesleyLife brand is "A Spirit for Living," and the organization employs a team member who helps us define daily just what it means to live out our spiritual selves and to grow in that spirituality. Lucky us -- he happens to be our guest blogger today! Thanks, J-P, for sharing your wisdom.)

Our health comprises more than just our physical condition or a collection of screening results from our doctor. Our health also includes how we are as a whole person, including our minds, bodies and spirits. Some of these elements may be easier than other ones for us to manage.

Consider some of these characteristics of spiritually healthy people as you contemplate your overall well-being:

  • Spiritually healthy people know exactly who they are and live according to their identity. Being someone else is not a temptation, because they see the value in who they are.
  • Spiritually healthy people do not let others set their worth. They just don’t spend much time caring about applause or accusations from others.
  • Spiritually healthy people don’t sweat the small stuff. Rarely is a toxic thought about someone or something held for long. They forgive and move on.
  • Spiritually healthy people know how to grieve and move through heartache and disappointment. They confront pain head-on and work through it. They don’t approach problems with a “victim” mentality.
  • Spiritually healthy people are solution-focused. They are always looking for solutions, ways to grow, and options they may not have seen previously.
  • Spiritually healthy people guard their peace. They don’t shelter themselves, but they work hard to guard their inner rest. Healthy people give toxic people clear boundaries.
  • Spiritually healthy people know how to interact with difficult people without getting run over. They may not be able to fix every situation, but they are not completely thrown off by difficult people. Healthy people see interacting with those individuals as a challenge to grow.
  • Spiritually healthy people practice gratitude in everything. Being thankful has never left their heart, so no matter what situation is presented, they can find something to be grateful for.
  • Spiritually healthy people have established disciplines that flow from their values. They not only know what is important -- their daily routine shows what is important.

(Adapted from Mark DeJesus’s 13 Signs of Spiritually Healthy Christians)

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