Kretzinger, WesleyLife CEO, Honored with National Wellness Leadership Award

June 28, 2019  |  by WesleyLife

(Editor's note: The content below was posted several weeks ago, but the video honoring our CEO and his award just became available. Please read the post, then enjoy watching and listening to Rob share his vision for health and well-being via the link directly below! Congratulations, Rob, on a well-earned honor!)

WELLCOM, an organization that provides members with a variety of resources to help promote workplace wellness programs, has honored WesleyLife CEO Rob Kretzinger with its highest honor, the Light of Wellness Leadership Award.

The award is given annually to a senior-level executive who provides encouragement, time, and resources to create an improved workplace for his or her team members across multiple dimensions of well-being. Recipients are role models for strategically elevating their organizations’ wellness programs to top business priorities.

The award is named for WELLCOM founder William M. Kizer, who pioneered the worksite-wellness movement. Mr. Kizer, who died in 2017, founded the Wellness Council of the Midlands, now WELLCOM, in 1982. More than 35 years later, the mission continues reaching thousands of team members across the Midwest who seek to leverage workplace experiences to enhance their health and well-being.

In nominating Kretzinger for the award, Shannon Draayer, Director of Health and Well-Being for WesleyLife, said WesleyLife believes strongly in supporting its residents and team members as a health and well-being organization.

“The vision and mission are core to who we are as a company, and it is because of Rob that we have seen such success,” Draayer said. “A number of years ago, he ensured this focus was written into our mission and vision statements. He understands that wellness means more than just physical health, and he consistently embraces an emphasis on expanding our offerings, focus, and leadership of all dimensions of wellness.

“The vision Rob casts for our organization drives the change we see, and he encourages our team to push the envelope. In addition, he exemplifies the multiple dimensions of well-being personally and as a leader. He is open and honest with our team about his own journey and the successes and challenges he faces. He acknowledges staying healthy isn’t always easy, but his commitment and encouragement of others supports our team and our organization in understanding the importance of wellness.”

Kretzinger said he is honored to be recognized by WELLCOM, and stressed that the strides WesleyLife has made in defining itself as a health and well-being organization should be recognized as a team effort.

“There’s no way a leader can do this on his or her own; it’s imperative to have 100 percent buy-in from other leaders and team members to ensure that enhancing health and well-being is viewed as a priority,” Kretzinger said. “I’m thankful to the health and well-being team and well-being champions throughout the organization who have helped to model the way.”

Kretzinger has encouraged the incorporation of physical exercise, mindfulness, and healthy nutrition choices at WesleyLife’s eight Communities for Healthy Living, its home office, and its other campus locations throughout Iowa. The organization will expand into Illinois next week through WellSpire, its partnership with Genesis Health System, and will encourage similar philosophies and behaviors at WellSpire’s campuses.

“If we truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of meaning, purpose, and engagement, we need to do what we can as an organization not only to make the tools available to our residents, clients, and team members, but, as leaders, to model behaviors that encourage others to make positive decisions for their own well-being,” Kretzinger said.

Kretzinger will accept his award during a ceremony October 8 in Omaha. 

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