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Exceptional Edgewater Experience Comes From Unexpected Injury accent

August 24, 2021 | By

Known for a sleepwalking habit, Beth Burnett of West Des Moines took her mid-slumber activity to a new level. From the pieces Beth can put together, she took a fall one night while sleepwalking, fracturing her left wrist and shattering her right shoulder. “I knew immediately my wrist was broken as it looked like something on TV. Then I tried using my right side to get up, but I couldn’t as my shoulder was shattered.”

Her daughter called 9-1-1 and Beth was transported via ambulance to a hospital in West Des Moines. The next day, Beth had surgery on her wrist and shoulder. Given family responsibilities, her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeff Davick of Des Moines Orthopedic Surgeons, recommended short-term rehabilitation and nursing therapy.

The Monday following her accident, Beth transitioned from Methodist West Hospital to Edgewater, a WesleyLife Community, which is set in the scenic prairie landscape overlooking the Raccoon River Valley in West Des Moines. Living and working close to Edgewater, Beth was familiar with the location of the community, which on a daily basis offers rehab therapy and nursing services to about 20 short-term guests focusing on their safe transition< home.

At Edgewater, Beth and fellow short term nursing and rehab guests benefit from the purposeful design of Edgewater–which encourages continued healing and recovery. Health Services at Edgewater is comprised of four households which include 10 private suites in each household. A dedicated gym for physical, occupational and speech therapy is located just steps from the each suite.

Within each household, the hub of activity happens in the hearth area which includes an eat-in kitchen – much like traditional a home. Guests enjoy made-to-order breakfast and fresh meals are prepared daily in the kitchen. Meals are usually enjoyed family-style around the table or occasionally within a& private nursing suite if the guest prefers. 

While at first glance it may not appear so, the physical design was planned to promote relationship building and encourage team members to get to know each guest. It’s a philosophy which has made a big difference for both guests and team members, as being fully informed leads to being fully engaged and committed to success. 

For Beth, the attention on creating relationships didn’t go unnoticed. “The nursing services were great. Rose and Melissa were two of my favorites. They were both concentrated on my safe transition home, extremely professional and truly cared about me as a person,” says Beth. Melissa and Beth’s physical and occupational therapy colleagues delivered the same superb experience. “Amy and Jeanne were awesome. They made me get up and be active. They were focused on my positive outcome and what I needed to relearn in order to be successful and comfortable once I safely transitioned home. You never expect something like this to happen,” says Beth. “If I hadn’t received services at Edgewater, I can’t even imagine where I’d be with my rehabilitation. I’m so much better today after receiving the nursing and rehabilitation services at Edgewater.”

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