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3 Options for Seniors Who Want to Live Independently accent

May 29, 2024 | By

Older adults and their families often hold preconceived ideas about senior living services,  but the options are far more varied than most people realize. If you want to live as independently as possible with tailored support to enhance your well-being, WesleyLife offers a variety of services that fall into three categories. Learn more about these services for seniors living independently so you can choose the best option for you.

At-Home Services

If you love your current home and can’t imagine being anywhere else, you may be interested in signing up for at-home services. These services allow you to live independently in your home while receiving regular visits from WesleyLife team members (the frequency is up to you).

At-home services allow you to choose the types of assistance that matter to you,  including:

Medical Care

A home health nurse can visit regularly to assist with medical needs, ranging from medication management to recovery after surgery. As trained nursing professionals, these team members serve as an extension of your medical team in the comfort of your home.

Household Task Assistance

Team members can also assist you with routine tasks in and outside your home. For example, you may require a helping hand as you work on decluttering or redecorating your home, or you may appreciate ongoing assistance with routine household chores.

Occasional Transportation

At-home aides can help by driving you to a doctor’s appointment or accompanying you on errands. Trips to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy, and more can be easier and more enjoyable with a companion.

Meal Delivery

At-home services can include meal deliveries through WesleyLife Meals on Wheels. These delicious meals are prepared in a WesleyLife kitchen and dropped off at your home in the morning or afternoon throughout the week. You can also request frozen meals for added convenience.

Learn more about your options for assistance at home in The Complete Guide to At-Home Services.

Community Living

Seniors living independently don’t need to feel isolated. If you’re open to moving, you may want to explore the option of independent living in a senior living community.

Community living comes in many shapes and sizes, especially with independent living. Depending on available floor plans, you could live in a single-family home, townhouse, or apartment. Enjoy a private space that’s distinctly your own (or shared with your partner) while relishing the benefits of being situated within a senior living campus.

Some reasons to consider community living include:

  • A variety of amenities that are likely not available at home, from pools and fitness centers to on-site salons, dining, stores, and more.
  • A lower-maintenance lifestyle (with zero lawn care).
  • Simplified budgeting, with multiple costs you’re used to paying rolled into one fee.
  • A community of peers and plenty of opportunities for socialization, both organized and independently planned.
  • Help from team members when and where it’s needed.

Plus, some communities offer a full continuum of care, so you can remain in the same community if your or your partner’s needs change in the future and you require different forms of support.


WesleyLife offers a unique program that falls in between the two options above. This innovative program, called WellAhead — A WesleyLife Well-Being Experience, allows you to benefit from wellness programming while remaining in your home and planning for any future changes in your wellness needs.

WellAhead is designed to empower you to live independently at home while taking advantage of a variety of wellness services, including a professional advocate who can answer questions, help you create a wellness plan, and cheer you on as you invest in your well-being.

One of the biggest perks of WellAhead (and one that makes this program truly unique) is that, by enrolling and remaining in the program, you’ll be eligible to receive more intensive care from WesleyLife if you ever need it, at no additional cost. This means you can rest easy knowing that if you ever need a different level of care in a community setting, WesleyLife is here for you.

Enjoy Independence and Well-Being in Your Home

All of the options above are worth considering for seniors living independently. Whatever combination of independence and support you’re looking for and whatever setting you prefer, you can find it with comprehensive offerings from WesleyLife. Want to learn more about thriving during this chapter of your life? Read our popular e-book, Living Your Best Life After 55!



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