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What Living in a WesleyLife Community is Like accent

March 31, 2022 | By

Comparing senior living options can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know much about senior living communities or if inaccurate stereotypes about the nursing homes of the past leave you feeling reluctant. 

At WesleyLife communities, we believe that the second half of your life can be the best half, no matter who you are, what you love, or what your future has in store. We believe in empowering you to enjoy life to the fullest, no matter what level of living you require. Our communities often reflect that belief in every element, causing some of our team members to be so impressed by what they see that they encourage their own loved ones to move in.

“I've sold many apartments this past year, and I cry almost every time I hand someone the keys because I am so happy for them!" Kennedy Freund, Sales Director for Heritage House, a WesleyLife Community for Healthy Living in Atlantic, Iowa, says. Kennedy had the pleasure of moving her grandmother to a Heritage House apartment last year, and says her grandma couldn't be happier with her new lifestyle.”

So what’s in store for you at WesleyLife?

A Respite from Stress

Owning a home, or even the responsibilities that come with renting, can feel like a full-time job. There’s the maintenance of lawns and appliances, the daily cleaning, and the numerous unexpected expenses (e.g., the mysterious hole in the ceiling, the pipe that sounds like a ghost, the flashing lights during storms). With all these issues, your home can become a money pit. And if you are living on a fixed income, the anxiety about what you might have to spend next can become exhausting. WesleyLife communities offer an antidote in the form of maintenance-free living.

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For some, the stress of living at home isn't so much about the house itself; isolation and boredom can be larger concerns. Studies have shown that loneliness can damage a person's health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Community living connects residents socially, removing or easing those feelings of isolation.

Better Family Support 

No person is an island. Most people have deep connections with their family, friends, and community, so what affects them ripples out to many others. This is especially true as a person ages and leans on family and loved ones. WesleyLife communities support families by easing caregiver burnout and preserving meaningful connections. This kind of support can make life easier for you and the people who love you. 

"Without a doubt, this is the kindest group of people who understand the importance of making sure we have connections with one another," Larry S., the spouse of a resident in memory care in a WesleyLife community, says. "No one would choose to live away from a spouse or loved one, even in another part of the building. But I'm very glad we're here."

More Safety and Support 

If you're seeking support for a loved one with dementia or who requires extensive services and care at home, turn to WesleyLife for solutions to meet virtually any challenge. Adult Day offerings at some of our WesleyLife communities focus on person-directed living to help your loved one enjoy their days in a supportive and safe environment during the day, easing caregiving duties and supporting your family. Our at-home services can further assist those who need additional support to continue living at home. This includes meal delivery, home health services for support with activities of daily living, and hospice care for those who need it. 

Sara Harless, whose husband spent time in a WesleyLife Adult Day program, summed it up perfectly: “I think being at Dahl Adult Day actually extended Michael's life.” 

Living Life on Your Terms

WesleyLife is a group of communities across Iowa and Illinois, not a single experience. Each community offers multiple levels of support, a variety of amenities to fit your lifestyle, and skilled and dedicated team members available to tailor a community’s offerings to your desires. At a WesleyLife community, you chart your own course. Our job is to help you achieve the optimum lifestyle for your unique needs and preferences. We believe in independence and vibrant aging, and our supportive communities help you achieve both. 

"Once someone finds out what we have to offer, they always end up wondering why they didn't take advantage of our services sooner," Julie Reed, Director of Dahl Adult Day Center on the Wesley Acres campus in Des Moines, says. "We can provide so much help in so many situations to improve the lives not only of participants, but of their families."

Learn more about the senior living options WesleyLife communities have to offer and how they may be a good fit for you or your loved one. Explore WesleyLife and find a community today. 

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