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Pricing & Eligibility

Common Questions about Pricing & Eligibility

Home Health

  1. How do I qualify for Medicare-reimbursed Home Health?
    You must have a physician's order for services and be able to leave your home only infrequently.
  2. What Home Health services will Medicare cover?
    Medicare Part A will cover many Home Health services including, but not limited to, physical/occupational therapy, wound care, skilled nursing, and assistance with such activities as bathing and dressing.
  3. How long can I receive Medicare services?
    There is no limit to the number of days you can receive care. As long as you continue to require skilled medical care, you can receive Medicare services.
  4. What other funding sources are available for WesleyLife Home Health services?
    We accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid, Medicaid waivers, Veterans Administration, and private or commercial insurance policies.

  5. How do I get started on Home Health? 
    Either you or your physician can contact us at or (515) 978-2777. WesleyLife at Home will work closely with your physician to set up the initial plan of care and to monitor your progress. We will handle all of the necessary paperwork so you can focus on getting well.

In-Home Services 

  1. Who can receive In-Home Services?
    WesleyLife at Home’s In-Home Services are available to anyone in our 15-county service area who needs a helping hand at home. There is no age limit or health requirement for In-Home Services. 
  2. How much does it cost to use WesleyLife’s In-Home Services?
    Prices start as low as $27 an hour. If you live in a WesleyLife community, you will be asked to schedule assistance for a minimum of 2 hours of services. If you live outside of our communities, you will be asked to schedule a minimum of 3 hours to ensure we are able to meet your needs.  
  3. Does insurance or Medicare cover In-Home Services?
    Typically, health insurance programs do not cover In-Home Services unless you are recovering at home after a qualified hospital stay or illness. Medicare may cover some services in this instance as well.

    Some, but not all, long-term care insurance policies cover some of the costs of services that allow you to remain independent in your home. In Polk County, WesleyLife uses grant funding to provide home-based services to people who cannot otherwise afford care in their homes.

WesleyLife Meals on Wheels 

1. Who can sign up for WesleyLife Meals on Wheels?

Anyone older than 60, and military veterans of all ages. WesleyLife Meals on Wheels delivers nearly 1,000 meals a week, and the cost per meal is $7.50 -- however, the majority of our clients receive their meals at a minimal cost, or no cost at all. 

2. Is it true that I can get 3 free meals after a hospital stay?

​Yes! Through WesleyLife’s First Step program, you can qualify for 3 free meals following a qualified hospital stay, regardless of your income. Meal delivery begins once you get home from the hospital or from short-term rehabilitation. Operated by WesleyLife, this program is aimed at helping older adults receive the nutrition they need to recover after a health setback.

Wesley Wheels Transportation Service

  1. Is this service available to anyone?
    While Wesley Wheels is designed with special attention to the needs of older adults, our service is available to anyone in Greater Des Moines. Our friendly drivers provide “door-through-door" service, picking you up at your front door and accompanying you into your destination.
  2. How much does Wesley Wheels cost?
    Rates vary according to location and trip mileage; call (515) 271-6868 for details. Our fully insured, professionally trained drivers -- all WesleyLife team members -- are equipped to address your specialized needs, including use of a wheelchair. Many people rely on Wesley Wheels for doctor’s appointments or a trip home from the hospital, but we do transport clients nearly anywhere and everywhere!.

WesleyLife’s Public Health Nursing/Home Care Aide programs

  1. Who qualifies for the Public Health Nursing program?
    This program is available to Polk County residents who are uninsured or underinsured, or those whose needs are not covered by Medicare. Potential clients must have a doctor’s order that requests nursing services.
  2. Who qualifies for the Public Health Home Care Aide program?
    Clients must meet certain income requirements and be unable to manage either personal care or household tasks without assistance. This service does not require a doctor’s order, but funds are limited.
  3. What is the cost of using these programs?
    Charges are based on a client’s monthly income. A sliding-fee scale is used to determine the cost of a visit by a Public Health nurse or an hour of service from a Home Care aide.
  4. How is this program supported?
    Funding to support the program is provided by the Polk County Health Department, Aging Resources of Central Iowa, United Way of Central Iowa, Polk County Health Services, and others.

Adult Day Services

  1. Who is eligible to participate in WesleyLife's Adult Day programs?
    Our Adult Day services in Des Moines, Newton, and Washington, Iowa, are available to anyone age 45 or older. Most of our participants are living with some degree of memory deficit, and their caregivers are looking for enriching experiences for them in a safe, enriching environment while caregivers are at work or fulfilling other responsibilities. Call (515) 271-6701 for details. 
  2. How much does it cost? 
    Rates vary; please call (515) 271-6701 for details. Financial assistance may be available, so please don't assume you cannot afford services!  
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