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Independent Living

Independent Living at WesleyLife

At WesleyLife, independence isn’t something people experience only in independent living. At a Community for Healthy Living, independent living means you have choices – of floor plans, of tasty menu items, even of the kinds of services you’d like to have delivered into your apartment home or townhouse. A

You have freedom. All kinds of freedom! You never have to worry about home maintenance or repairs again. If something breaks down in your home, it’s either repaired or replaced at no additional expense. If it snows, your driveway and the walks are cleared. The grass is cut, and the beds are weeded. Living at a WesleyLife community is like a little bit of heaven.

And now you have so many ways to use all that new-found freedom. There are clubs, special events, trips, ways to volunteer. You can pursue that passion you never had time for. With comprehensive wellness programs on each campus, you can maximize your opportunity for good health, even reduce your risk of falls or stave off memory loss. And there’s always someone nearby to share a laugh.

Best of all, you have a secure plan in place for the future. If you need additional help as you grow older, if you need help bouncing back after surgery, it’s all at hand, from people you’ve grown to know and trust. You can even have the peace of mind knowing that if your finances run out, WesleyLife has a special fund giving you access to the services you need and a place to call home.

Residents typically pay a one-time entrance fee to become a member of a WesleyLife community, though rental options are available at some communities. All communities charge a predictable monthly fee that covers a full range of services. For more details, explore a WesleyLife community near you. See how you could live your best life possible!

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