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COVID-19 may have changed the way we're doing business, but each of our communities is eager to welcome you via a virtual tour! Schedule yours today and see that each of WesleyLife’s 11 communities has its own special personality, but all our campuses share a distinctive view of what constitutes a purpose-filled life. Our names for our  campuses -- Communities for Healthy Living -- set them apart from other senior living communities ... but it's our philosophy toward aging that differentiates us most.

At WesleyLife, independence isn’t something people experience only in Independent Living. All our Levels of Living feature options that support health and well-being to help individuals live their lives exactly as they wish, with a focus on enhancing purpose, meaning, and overall well-being. That’s what WesleyLife’s vision of "transforming the aging experience" is all about.

Explore all that WesleyLife has to offer: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Long-Term Healthcare, Short-Term Rehabilitation, and access to a robust network of home and community-based services. We look forward to enhancing the life YOU want to live! 

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