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Maybe you’re wondering if it’s time for a parent to move closer to you. Maybe you’re seeing signs that all is not well when they’re alone. If you are looking for answers, WesleyLife can help.

Unlike in the past, when people had few alternatives as they grew older, today’s ever-expanding variety of choices can make it hard to know what’s best. The national push for reducing the cost of government-funded health care for seniors makes decision-making even more complex.

With WesleyLife, it’s simpler. You’ll always have access to experts who can help you understand your choices and connect you with the most comprehensive network of services available for older Iowans, wherever they call home. Virtually any kind of service your loved one may need – a living option, memory care, rehabilitation therapy, services at home, meals or rides, even hospice – is available. Each is designed to enhance your loved one’s independence, health and happiness, as much as possible.

As a nonprofit earning the trust of those we’ve served for nearly 70 years, we are on a never-ending quest to transform the experience of aging. Inspired by the teachings of John Wesley, we focus on each person’s potential. Not on what they can’t do, but on what they can. It’s an important difference. Find out more.

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