How do I know when it's time?

Hospice client and nurse

When is the right time to ask about hospice?

It's never too soon to contact WesleyLife Hospice. It may be difficult for individuals to discuss this phase of care with their families, but once the topic has been introduced, families often say that talking about next steps has been beneficial for everyone involved.

Often, after it has been determined that a person is not likely to be cured of his or her illness or disease, a doctor or other medical professional will suggest hospice care. If the individual agrees that is the best course to take, he or she can work with loved ones or with a social worker or other healthcare professional to choose a provider.

A quick call to our compassionate team members at (515) 978-2777 can initiate services with WesleyLife Hospice, and a team member will schedule a visit.

From there, our team will explain the care we offer and discuss how our services can help meet a variety of needs. There is no rush to make a decision. if an individual decides to move forward with our services, we will work with that person's physician to create a plan for care.

Did you know that a person can feel good ... and still qualify for hospice services? 

We encourage individuals to access hospice care early, even when they are feeling physically well -- and especially after treatment has been modified or halted. Early enrollment allows individuals and family members to work through emotional, social, and spiritual concerns in preparation for hospice care. It also allows families to establish trust with the hospice team.

Please note that once a patient is medically approved for hospice care, his or her care team will continually reaffirm that hospice services are appropriate. He or she can continue to receive hospice care and services as long as qualifying criteria are met. 

We would love talk with you. Call us at (515) 978-2777.

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"We were so afraid of asking about hospice. Once we did, we wondered what had taken us so long. Mom is more relaxed, and she has more good days. It's also been very positive for our family." - Karen A., Ankeny