When Hospice Is Right

When is the right time to ask about hospice?

It's never too soon to contact WesleyLife Hospice. It may be difficult for patients and families to discuss this phase of care, but individuals and their loved ones often find it reassuring to talk openly about options and wishes.

Doing so can help ensure everyone involved is on the same page, and families often tell us they wish they had begun discussing hospice at an earlier point in their loved one's illness.  

We are always available to visit with patients and families to introduce ourselves, explain the care we offer, and discuss how our services can help meet a loved one's specific needs. We'll never pressure an individual or his or her family members to make a decision.

Hospice clientHospice clients can be active and feeling good -- and still qualify for hospice care and services. 

We encourage individuals to access hospice care early, even when they are feeling physically well and especially after treatment has been modified or halted.  

Early enrollment allows individuals and family members the opportunity to work through emotional, social, and spiritual concerns in preparation for hospice care. It also allows families to establish trust with the hospice team.

Please note that once a patient is medically approved for hospice care, his or her care team will continually reaffirm that hospice services are appropriate. He or she can continue to receive hospice care and services as long as qualifying criteria are met. 

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Anyone can inquire about hospice services. After a patient or loved one makes the initial contact, a hospice team member will reach out to the patient's healthcare provider to determine if a referral is appropriate. Healthcare providers also can inquire on a patient's behalf; then, if appropriate, the provider can make a referral to WesleyLife Hospice.

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