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Community Benefit

Not only do WesleyLife’s people, living arrangements and network of home-based solutions have a profound, direct impact on the people we serve, we also provide many benefits to the local communities we serve. Because we are an organization of people, WesleyLife typically is one of the largest employers in each of its locations. Our corps of team members as well as residents also contribute to the vibrancy of local communities in many other ways. Here are just a few examples of how WesleyLife’s nonprofit mission made life better for others outside our WesleyLife family in 2014:

  • 164 future nurses, doctors and wellness professionals as interns and students received hands-on experiences through our health care-related offerings.
  • More than 1,270 children or students visited residents and clients, creating multi-generational relationships
  • A total of 2,765 members of our communities volunteered a total of 25,463 hours to benefit local or state organizations.
  • We welcomed 4,725 people from the local community to performances, activities, presentations and religious gatherings in our buildings.
  • Meals on Wheels delivered 228,001 meals to 1,322 older Iowans, with 85% of the meals provided at low or no cost.
  • More than 500 community members participated in our various support groups, including grief support, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s groups.
  • A total of 565 community members participated in our wellness classes and activities.
  • We provided $1,903,564 in Good Samaritan/Good Shepherd care to our residents, participants and clients.
  • We shielded 1,659 community members against influenza with no- or reduced-cost vaccinations.

WesleyLife is pleased to create benefits for those we consider partners in our mission to support the independence, health and well-being of older adults wherever they call home.

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Our Economic Impact

During 2014, WesleyLife spent nearly $45 million in payroll and benefits in nine Iowa locations.

  • Team members               1,450
  • Payroll                         $36,661,397
  • Benefits and taxes      $8,282,296
  • Supplies                       $2,750,972
  • Property taxes             $1,680,058
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