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About WesleyLife Philanthropy

WesleyLife literally started with a gift in 1946 when the famed Chamberlain Estate on Des Moines’ stately Grand Avenue was donated to the South Iowa Methodist Church Conference. Today, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, WesleyLife relies on corporate partnerships and generous donations of funds from hundreds of donors every year to support all aspects of its mission, from day-to-day operations to major building projects. We also offer many ways to give, from large or small donations of funds to needed goods, equipment and services to time and talents. (View our most recent annual report here!)

Join the WesleyLife movement to transform the experience of aging for more people. With your philanthropic partnership, we can connect increasing numbers of older Iowans with ways to stay healthier, more independent and more engaged in life, regardless of their stage of living. Each member of our philanthropy team is always available for a conversation about how you can help.

Our Team

Chad Vogel, Vice President of Philanthropy, 515-271-6703
Kevin Mortensen, Director of Annual Giving, 515-253-2544
Amanda Leinen, Director of Donor Data and Compliance, 515-271-6789

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