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Make a charitable donation and learn more about the associated tax benefits.

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Why donate stock, assets, or IRA rollover?

Maximize your impact by donating appreciated securities such as stocks, mutual funds, or bonds directly to WesleyLife Foundation. When compared to donating cash or selling appreciated securities and contributing the post-tax proceeds, you may be able to increase your gift and tax deduction.  

You may be able to give up to $100,000 per year to a qualified charity like WesleyLife Foundation from your individual retirement account (IRA) without paying income tax on the gift. Known as an IRA rollover or qualified charitable distribution, this donation may reduce your annual income level because the gift does not count as income. Additionally, the year you turn 73, you may be able to use this gift to satisfy all or a portion of your required minimum distribution (RMD).

Enjoy the tax benefits that IRA, stock, and real estate donations offer.

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Give an IRA Rollover

If you're 70.5 or older, you may be able to give up to $100,000 annually from your IRA to WesleyLife Foundation to support the future of our mission — without paying income taxes on the gift.
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Give Appreciated Securities

By directly donating appreciated securities such as stock, mutual funds, or bonds to WesleyLife Foundation, you may be able to avoid capital gains taxes and maximize your giving impact by as much as 20 percent.
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Give the Gift of Real Estate

Donating your land or home to WesleyLife Foundation may allow you to circumvent the significant capital gains taxes involved in selling or handing down real estate and turn your most important investment into a highly valued charitable gift.
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Designate your appreciated security contribution to the impact area of your choice.

WesleyLife Foundation supports a wide range of giving opportunities with a shared goal of addressing the critical needs of older adults in our communities. As a donor, you can designate the communities or programs to which your gift should be directed.

Your donation will make a lasting impact on vulnerable older adults in your community.

Learn more about making a gift of an appreciated asset.

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Maximize your impact through the right giving strategy. 

Your best interest is our best interest. WesleyLife Foundation can work alongside you, your financial planner, your tax advisor and your estate attorney to achieve your financial and charitable goals.

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Enjoy tax benefits while supporting our mission.

In addition to direct gifts of appreciated securities, funding donor-advised funds with appreciated securities is a great way to give to WesleyLife Foundation, offering potential tax benefits and maximizing your giving to WesleyLife Foundation.

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Set up a time to meet with us.

We would love to learn about your charitable goals and how a gift of appreciated securities may serve your goals and meet an unfunded charitable need at WesleyLife Foundation.

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Have questions about gifts of appreciated assets?

Our team is here to support you and your family's philanthropic goals. Please reach out for more information and ongoing assistance.

Sophia S. Ahmad
Vice President of Philanthropy

(515) 745-2209

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