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What to Look For During a Senior Living Tour accent

May 31, 2022 | By

When exploring senior living options, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Moving into a community is a big decision. Plus, the needs you have now might look different in the future, so you need to account for those changes.

One of the best ways to decide is by touring a community. With a bit of preparation and a curious mindset, you can obtain all the information you need to make the right decision.

You will need to ask plenty of questions when touring senior living communities about everything from the amenities and programming to the overall quality of care. On your next tour, consider starting with these questions.

7 Questions to Ask When Touring Senior Living Communities

Keep in mind that some of these questions can be asked outright, whereas others can be answered by simply experiencing the spaces or interacting with team members and residents.

1. What is the quality of life?

You can find an answer to this question by observing or conversing with current residents. If the opportunity arises, ask a few people how they like living in the community. What do they do each day? What does the programming calendar look like? Does the community promote an active lifestyle for residents?

Be sure to note the cleanliness of the common living areas. Ask about any unpleasant smells, sights, or sounds until you are comfortable with the answer. This can identify if the occurrence is isolated or part of a larger sanitation issue.

2. What is the quality of care?

In addition to independent living, you’ll likely benefit from a community that offers additional living options, including assisted living, memory support, long-term care, and short-term rehabilitation.

Over time, needs can change. Be sure the community provides senior living options that accommodate both current and future needs. Will you need to move communities or your apartment if you require a different level of care, or can you remain in the home you love?

If a resident moves into a different level of living, ask how the community approaches family communication and involvement. If the recommendation is to move into a new level of care, it should be a conversation, not a decision made without resident or family input.

3. What are the team members like?

Answer this question by interacting with team members, asking residents for their opinions, and observing interactions between residents and team members.

It would also help to learn about the mission and vision of the community before the tour to see if the team members demonstrate those values.

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4. How is the dining?

Dining is central to life, and the best way to determine the quality of the food is to try it. So, if it’s available during the tour, stay for a meal.

If it’s important to you, ask about dietary accommodations, menu alternatives, and daily or weekly menu variations. Additionally, consider the quality of service and the overall feel of the dining room. Would you eat there again?

5. What amenities are available?

Staying active, socializing with peers, and engaging in your passions are all beneficial to your health. The community you choose should promote active living by providing programming, amenities, and events.

But what if you want to go out into the surrounding city to grab a bite to eat, visit a museum, or see a live theater production? D0es the community provide ample parking? If you prefer not to drive, ask if the community provides transportation options or offers financial incentives to take public transportation.

6. Is there ample outdoor space?

Identify the quality of the landscaping, gardens, walking trails, or other outdoor features. If you have a pet you would like to bring with you, determine if the community is pet friendly. Do they have a section of the campus dedicated to pets that require outdoor space?

You will also want to ask about security policies, monitoring, and procedures for additional peace of mind.

7. Is the administration transparent about fees?

The administration should be up front about finances and billing. Vague answers about standard pricing, extra costs, and expected fee increases could be warning signs.

You will also want to ask about what happens if a resident becomes unable to pay. Some communities do not have Medicaid eligibility if or when this happens to a resident, meaning they would need to find another senior living option at a critical point in their life.

Active, Vibrant Living at a WesleyLife Community

The comprehensive network of services offered by a WesleyLife community provides opportunities for older adults to live lives of continued growth, experience, engagement, and meaning. No matter what level of care they need or desire, residents live in communities that promote independence and active lifestyles.

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