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June 02, 2021  |  by WesleyLife

Recently, representatives of Hearthstone expressed deep appreciation for the $1.5 million gift from Vermeer Charitable Foundation for the new community, The Cottages.

Shown above (left to right) are Tricia Vermeer, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Member; Mindi VandenBosch, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Member; Lois Vermeer, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Executive Secretary; Bob Vermeer, President, Vermeer Charitable Foundation; Rob Kretzinger, WesleyLife President and CEO; Dale Andringa, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Member; Mary Andringa, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Member; Dot Beason, Hearthstone Director of Home Services; and Allison Van Wyngaarden, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Member.

"Vermeer Charitable Foundation has a history with Gary and Matilda Vermeer caring for our elders in the Pella area. Hilltop Manors were examples of this, and we at Vermeer Charitable Foundation want to continue this legacy," says Lois Vermeer, Vermeer Charitable Foundation Secretary. "We all want to be assured of a living situation that brings dignity and respect to our lives as we get older. The Cottages will do just that in more of a home atmosphere than we've seen in Pella. Hearthstone is raising the bar in terms of what we're able to provide for our older adults. That's why we're behind this project."

The innovative community of small households is designed to redefine the meaning of home by emphasizing healthy living and supporting the independence of older adults. The community is scheduled to welcome its first residents in fall 2013.

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