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5 Spring Activities for Active Seniors in Des Moines accent

March 21, 2023 | By

Spring is a time to enjoy fresh air and exciting activities. Des Moines offers plenty of fun things to do and see for people of all ages, including active seniors. 

If you’re an older adult looking for an engaging way to spend a spring day, consider inviting a friend, partner, or family member to join you for these local springtime activities — or enjoy the solitude and self-care of a fun day spent solo! Here are some activities you’ll want to add to your spring bucket list.

1. Take a stroll through a public garden.

What would spring be without the sights and smells of fresh flowers and plants? Des Moines offers some great spots to bask in the beauty of spring.

Downtown, you’ll find the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden — a seven-acre public space where you can explore indoor and outdoor gardens. That means you can enjoy seeing a variety of beautiful plants, even on a rainy day. When you’re ready for a break, enjoy a bite to eat in the lovely onsite cafe.

Another great garden to add to your spring bucket list is the Brenton Arboretum. This beautiful public garden is dedicated to trees and shrubs. Take time to enjoy the natural greenery in this “living museum.”

2. Spend some time in the great outdoors.

Warmer weather makes this a great time of year to enhance your fitness routine and enjoy some sunshine. Even on a chilly day, you can bundle up in a jacket and commune with nature.

No list of spring activities for seniors would be complete without a focus on outdoor fun. According to the Outdoor Foundation, the number of adults 65 and older involved in outdoor activities grew by nearly 17 percent from 2019-2022! The most popular outdoor activities for this age group are fishing and hiking. Some public parks in Des Moines provide the opportunity to enjoy both of these activities.

For example, Easter Lake Park is a great spot for fishing and features four scenic walking trails, two of which are paved. When you’re done exploring this spot, check out the many other great walking trails in Des Moines.

3. Immerse yourself in local history.

If you enjoy history, consider attending a springtime event at Living History Farms — an interactive outdoor museum that immerses visitors in the past. This Des Moines gem offers various programs and events throughout the year to help visitors learn about time periods spanning 300 years. 

In March and April, you can attend a historic dinner or Victorian tea. Enjoy a taste of history and learn what life was like on the farm in days gone by.

What does active aging look like in Des Moines? It looks exciting! Learn more  from The Complete Guide to Healthy Senior Living in Des Moines. >>

4. Get inspired by the arts.

Do you want to take in local culture? Consider spending an afternoon browsing through some of Des Moines’ art galleries. You may even feel inspired to pick up a paintbrush yourself. (If so, check out our next suggestion!)

If you prefer the performing arts, consider tickets to a show at the Des Moines Civic Center or The Playhouse. Whether you’re a fan of Broadway musicals, dramas, ballets, or symphonies, you’re sure to find an old favorite — or cultivate a new one!

5. Learn something new with a hands-on class.

Spring is all about new beginnings, so why not seize this opportunity to develop an unexplored skill? A recent study found that when older adults worked on learning at least three new skills, they enhanced their cognitive abilities to match those of people 30 years younger after just a month and a half!

What’s a skill you’ve been interested in learning? Take a hands-on class to develop it. For example, the Des Moines Art Center offers classes in calligraphy, drawing, photography, and more. It’s never too late to cultivate an exciting new passion.

Make spring your time to shine!

It’s time to get out there and enjoy all the excitement spring has to offer. No matter what time of year, there are plenty of local activities for seniors to help you stay active and make each day exciting. You can learn more by downloading “The Complete Guide to Healthy Senior Living in the Des Moines Metro Area”!

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