Wesley the Dog Brightens Christmas in Indianola

posted on Friday, December 15, 2017

Puthoff dog

This Christmas will be an extra-special one at the Puthoff home!

You might recall reading a few months ago about Gay Puthoff, Resident Life Coordinator at The Village in Indianola, who won a WesleyLife team member Fitbit challenge and decided to use the money to adopt a dog to replace the one she'd lost a short time before.

Well ... he's here!

Even better: His name is Wesley.

"I never considered naming him anything else," Gay said of the "morkipoo" -- a cross between a poodle, a Yorkshire terrier, and a Maltese -- that she and her husband brought home a few weeks ago. "WesleyLife has been such a huge blessing in my life, and this little guy is a blessing, too."

His presence is also blessing residents at the Village; Gay brings him to work twice a week, and he's bonding especially well with residents who have memory challenges, she said.

"Their eyes just light up; there's a lady who considers him 'her' dog; she holds his leash and wants to be responsible for him," Gay said. "He really seems to have added a spark to some of our residents. Everyone loves a puppy."

Gay said WesleyLife's periodic Fitbit challenges still motivate her to keep moving, and she urges other team members to join in and track their steps -- especially during the holidays.

"The challenges have made me more conscious of my health and have made my relationships here at The Village even stronger -- and best of all, they brought me this guy," she said. "I'm thankful every day to work at a place that has brought so much to me personally."

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