The assisted living lifestyle: "We can't believe how much fun we're having!"

posted on Thursday, January 18, 2018

Nancy and Tom Goodman

To say Tom and Nancy Goodman are active people is an understatement. Their courtship consisted of golf, golf, and more golf; they also enjoyed time with friends and simply being on the go.

When they decided to move from their home in the Metro area to assisted living at Edgewater in West Des Moines two years ago, they worried their lifestyle would change dramatically. "If we knew then what we know now, we wouldn't have worried a bit!" Tom said.

"The only time we're not busy is when we don't want to be busy," he said. "Some people think 'assisted living' and they think 'frail people in a nursing home.' And to tell you the truth, that just makes us laugh. So you need a little help doing certain things. That's not a big deal."

Tom and Nancy married later in life, after each had been widowed. Tom was coming off a 50-plus-year career in hotel management; Nancy had spent years at the helm of the Iowa Retail Federation. 

Both were used to being goal-driven and high-achieving, so when health challenges appeared, they weren't quite sure what their "new" lives would look like, and how much they'd have to give up.

They entered Edgewater at the suggestion of their children, who wanted them to continue to enjoy life, but have a "safety net" to count on if they needed assistance. The arrangement turned out to be perfect for the couple.

"We love people, and there are always so many other residents and members of the staff to talk to," Nancy said. "We love meeting new friends. And we're able to stay in touch with our friends who don't live here at Edgewater, too; we meet them for dinner, or they come here."

When asked to choose their favorite thing about living at Edgewater, the Goodmans looked at one another, stumped. "We love it all," Tom said. "There are bus trips to different places, entertainment all the time, dinners out, drinks in the bar -- we're never bored!"

"I guess I'd have to say I love that it's home -- it feels just like home," Nancy said. "If you're willing to join in and get to know people, life is wonderful. We can't believe how much fun we're having." 

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