"Making the Case for Wellness"

posted on Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jon Jordan and Heritage House residents, working out!

By Jon Jordan

Wellness Director; Heritage House, Atlantic, Iowa 

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been an attorney! It seems as though I am always “making the case for wellness.” Whether it’s our team members or our residents, it often feels like everyone needs to be convinced, or more accurately, reminded about the importance of wellness in their lives.

In a court of law, things are fairly black and white: These are the laws, and these are the consequences for breaking those laws. The vast majority of people know that we need laws and the order they provide to exist in a peaceful and civil world, but sometimes we don’t think those laws apply to us. For instance, speed limits, stop signs and other traffic rules are often considered suggestions, not hard-and-fast rules.

We all know that our own wellness vital for happiness and health. Spiritual, physical, mental, social and any of the other dimensions of wellness all combine to make us content and well-adjusted in our day-to-day lives. They are like the “laws” of health and wellness. As a wellness professional, it is my job to be a guide and resource on our journey -- not like a policeman, who can punish and isolate someone, but more like a teacher who can inform and engage. It is a responsibility that I and my colleagues in the wellness industry take very seriously, and have a true passion for.

We’re not alone, of course. The world of medicine is slowly but surely understanding the proven fact that active and engaged people are better spouses, parents, leaders, and fellow team members. Balancing our lives with good eating habits, sleep, social activities, and active movement is also vital for mental health. Plus, an active and healthy lifestyle sells itself as soon as someone starts to live it. They feel better, have more energy, and generally have a more positive and upbeat personality when wellness is part of their routine.

So I think I’ll stick to what I’m passionate about: helping people live a satisfying life by promoting WesleyLife's Core4 goals: Move Naturally, Be Connected, Eat Wisely, and have the Right Outlook. By paying attention to these important guidelines, we can enjoy a full, happy, and vibrant life. I guess law school is not in my future after all! But I will keep arguing the case of wellness, and striving to set a good example as well.

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