Considering independent living? Park Centre couple's advice: "Take the plunge!"

posted on Friday, February 2, 2018

Stephen and Judith Dailey
After saying "We're not ready" for quite some time, Stephen and Judith Dailey took a leap of faith and moved to independent living at Park Centre a little less than a year ago.

Like many residents, they now wish they'd moved in much sooner.

"My husband had had health issues; he's not in a wheelchair, but he had had some surgeries and was unable to do a lot around home," Judith said. "I went to a workshop that Park Centre held on downsizing, and I think that was the incentive I needed.

"It was holiday time and our daughters were with us and the apartment we wanted was open, so we decided the time was right."

The Daileys had known they wanted to move to Park Centre ... eventually. They just had a hard time envisioning themselves in a 55-and-older community.

"We lived in Newton and had friends at Park Centre, and they were always raving about the place -- how much there was to do, how nice the people were, how safe they felt," Judith said.

"My husband was already playing bridge with some gentlemen in the community, too, so it wasn't a question of 'if,' but of 'when.' Park Centre has an excellent reputation. I just think we had some misconceptions about what life inside a community would be like."

What it is like, Judith said, is like life outside the community -- but more comfortable, and more social.

"It's a very easy and enjoyable lifestyle; the meals are good, your cleaning is done for you, and there's no yard work," she said. "But what we really like is that we can be as independent as we want to be, and as social as we want to be.

"There are new people to meet and friends to spend time with. It's impossible to be lonely -- but you're allowed to keep to yourself when you want to, too."

Judith said she tells people living at Park Centre "is like condo living -- with a long list of benefits."

"We are having fun, we're involved, we feel good, and we're safe and secure," she said. "If we can give anyone advice, it would be not to be scared, and to take the plunge."

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