Helping Team Members in Times of Need

January 10, 2022  |  by WesleyLife

At WesleyLife, everything we do is based on a desire to enhance a sense of purpose and meaning in the lives of those we serve. We care every bit as much, though, about the individuals who do the serving -- our dedicated, valued team members.

January is Poverty in America Month, a reminder that unforeseen situations can leave some individuals and families without the means to pay for necessities. That's why WesleyLife invites team members to donate to emergency funds that enable them to support one another when hardship strikes.

The past two years, emergency funds have been disbursed to help team members who lost homes or cars in the August 2020 derecho; who faced serious illness; or whose spouses or partners lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Team members are given the opportunity to donate in lump sums, or via payroll deductions.

Jamie*, a nurse at a WesleyLife community in Central Iowa, received emergency funds after her husband lost his job and was unable to find employment for several months. The couple has four children, and their savings was depleted quickly. 

"I made a comment to my leader about things being tough, and the next thing I knew, she called me into her office and gave me a check," Jamie recalls. "I hadn't known this fund was available, and I was amazed to receive the money.

"It really helped get us over the hump, and now that we're back on our feet, I donate to the Bridge Fund as often as I can so I can help someone else who finds themselves in that position."

When you work for WesleyLife, we're here to help when things go wrong. If you're ready to work in a place where you can make a difference AND be reminded of your own value, take a moment to browse We would love to welcome you to our table. 

(* name has been changed)
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