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A Day in the Life: WesleyLife Adult Day Services accent

February 7, 2022 | By

Family is a source of comfort and familiarity. For many, relationships with family make life worth living. Living with loved ones can enrich the lives of older adults, but it can also pose some concerns. Family caregivers may need to work, care for young children, and prioritize self-care to remain effective caregivers. These challenges don’t have to mean transitioning your loved one to a new living environment, though. The right senior living options can help bridge care gaps to help your loved one remain at home longer.

With WesleyLife’s Adult Day programming, your parent can remain comfortable at home and engage in fun, meaningful daily activities, all while alleviating caregiver burnout and offering peace of mind.

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So what can you and your parent or loved one expect from Adult Day? More than you might think! Adult Day supports you and your loved one to continue to live bright, full lives. A day in the life of an Adult Day participant is enriching and safe. Here’s what you and your loved one can expect:

What Is Adult Day?

Adult Day offers support and encouragement to adults over 45 during the day. This can be a great option for adults who need help with activities of daily living or who are not safe at home alone during the day. You can reduce caregiver burnout, while your loved one enjoys an enriching daily experience. Participants attend when they need to, whether that’s every day, or just a couple of times each week. Adult Day does not have to be a huge commitment or a radical shift in your everyday routine.

Safety and security are at the core of everything we do at our WesleyLife communities. Those who participate in our Adult Day programs enjoy a safe, secure environment free of the risks they may encounter alone at home.

You want your loved one to enjoy their day — even when you’re not home. Adult  Day can help. Learn more >>

Adult Day services at WesleyLife are about enriching participants’ days with programming that nourishes physical and emotional health, reduces loneliness, and shapes a better quality of life.

What Is Included in Adult Day Programming? 

The second half of life is never one size fits all, as we all have different opinions, desires, and needs. That’s why we offer a roster of programming that caters to a variety of wants and needs, rather than just a single activity everyone must participate in.

Here are some recent activities from our enriching calendar:

  • Mad-lib day
  • Four-square tournament
  • Exercise trivia 
  • Devotionals
  • Barn dance
  • TED talks
  • Pictionary
  • “I Love Lucy” day 
  • Harvest celebration

What Are the Benefits of Adult Day?

Adult Day programs complement life at home by providing engaging programming and opportunities for meaningful social connections. The benefits include:

  • Engagement: Remain physically, socially, and mentally active.
  • Safety: Spending all day home alone can be challenging for people with health issues. At our Adult Day programs, participants enjoy the safety and security of dedicated team members and a community environment.
  • Happiness: Adult Day can help alleviate loneliness and boredom, providing numerous opportunities to form new friendships and enjoy a variety of programming with a supportive community.
  • Nutrition: Food is fuel for the body, and nutrient-dense food is especially important for people with chronic health issues. At all of our WesleyLife communities, we ensure food is both healthy and delicious.

Adult Day doesn’t just improve life for aging adults. It also offers support to loved ones and caregivers, including:

  • Reduced stress: Knowing that your loved one is safe allows you to feel a sense of relief.
  • Caregiving breaks: No caregiver can do it all, 24/7. Self-care is critical to your ability to care for your loved one, and that means taking some time for yourself.
  • Increased confidence: When you know that your loved one is receiving meaningful support and enrichment, it gives you the confidence to take care of important daily responsibilities in your life without worry. 

Is Adult Day Right for Your Loved One? 

If you are considering Adult Day for a loved one, here are some signs that it could be the right choice for your family:

  • Your loved one is no longer safe alone at home.
  • Your loved one has recently suffered a fall.
  • Your loved one is increasingly lonely.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving.
  • Your loved one has a chronic or progressive medical condition that makes it difficult for them to live independently.
  • Your loved one needs extra support during the day.

Ready to learn more about Adult Day? Try 2 days of Adult Day for free before committing to a set schedule of attendance. 


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