5 FAQs About Adult Day Services

May 03, 2022  |  by WesleyLife

Studies tell us every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. Many adults eventually rely on family caregivers to support them and keep them safe. In 2019, family caregivers provided more than 18 billion hours of care. With some adults requiring around-the-clock care or supervision, it’s no surprise that caregiver burnout is a serious problem. 

Adult Day services can ease caregiver burnout and improve the lives of those living with cognitive impairments by offering a safe, engaging place to spend the day. This gives you time to work, care for your family, and recharge so you can offer the best possible care when your loved one returns home.

You may not know about this supportive option. So what can Adult Day offer you or your loved one? Check out these frequently asked questions:

What is Adult Day? 

Dementia rates increase with age. In fact, according to the National Institutes on Aging, roughly one in three people over 85 has some form of dementia. And dementia impacts more than just memory: It can also affect judgment, communication, and ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Eventually, a person with dementia might not be safe living alone. 

You want your loved one to enjoy their day — even when you’re not home. Adult  Day can help. Learn more >>

Adult Day services cater to older adults with dementia and other diagnoses that can compromise their safety. These services also support family members or other loved ones  who need a break from the challenges of daily caregiving. 

At Adult Day, older adults enjoy a range of programming, a chance to socialize, and a safe, supportive environment, and caregivers can work, rest, or attend to other responsibilities during the day without worrying about their loved ones’ well-being and safety. 

Who is Adult Day for? 

Anyone who struggles with daily activities — dressing, grooming, or meal preparation, for example — can benefit from Adult Day. Many participants have dementia or other cognitive impairments, but adults with chronic or progressive illnesses may also find safety and support. 

Adult day could be right for your loved one if being alone during the day is no longer safe or practical for them, if  you are exhausted by f caregiving demands,  or if you worry your loved one feels isolated or bored. 

What do older adults do at Adult Day? 

With WesleyLife’s Adult Day programming, older adults enjoy a supportive and safe environment. Dementia, cognitive impairments, and serious illnesses do not necessarily eliminate a person’s desire to make friends, enjoy good food, and live a purposeful life. 

Adult Day services help residents do all of this and more. Participants enjoy trivia games, arts and crafts, devotionals, TED Talks, spa days, seasonal celebrations, and more

Does my loved one have to go every day? 

Adult Day seeks to support your loved one and your family, not disrupt your routine. Participants can attend every day, or just a few days per week.

How does Adult Day support caregivers? 

Caregiving is one of the most selfless, meaningful acts you can undertake. It’s also exhausting. If you work or need to attend to responsibilities during the day, Adult Day might be a perfect solution for you and your loved one. Remember: You deserve – and need – to rest and recharge. Caring for your loved one begins with caring for yourself. 

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Learn how your loved one can enjoy their day even when you're not home. Adult Day can help.

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