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Quality Services. Comfort of Home. 

Questions about careWesleyLife delivers more than just quality, compassionate assistance and care in the safety, comfort and convenience of your own home. We assist you in maintaining the highest quality of life and health, getting you back to living life to the fullest.

WesleyLife Home Health provides Medicare-certified services, wherever you call home.

Our Services

TherapyWesleyLife Home Health provides personalized healthcare services during times of illness or decreased physical ability. Whether your needs require skilled nursing from a professional caregiver or therapy services from a licensed therapist, WesleyLife Home Health can provide you with the level and quality of services you are looking for.

A registered nurse will develop an individual plan tailored to personalized requirements, and serve as the liaison between you and your physician. Registered nurses also provide health education, wound care, injections, lab draws, medication management and health assessments.

Certified nurse aides provide personal care assistance. 

Licensed therapists provide in-home physical, occupational and speech therapy services, including endurance and strength building following hospitalization or illness, home safety arrangements and education on dietary needs for swallowing problems. 

Medicare coverage

MedicareMedicare pays 100 percent for home health services when all conditions are met:

  • Medicare eligible
  • Homebound
  • Plan of Care
  • Doctor's orders
  • Documentation of all services
  • Reasonable and necessary
  • Intermittent and part-time

Make WesleyLife Your Preferred Provider

preferred providerYou may not currently need home health care, but health situations often change when we least expect it. Now is the perfect time to explore your options and make WesleyLife your known provider of choice. Similar service may be offered by hospitals and other providers; however, once you discover the quality of care and customized approach WesleyLife provides, you'll want to secure your plan for any future home health care needs. After all, WesleyLife has been dedicated to the health and well-being of Iowans for nearly 70 years. 

Contact Information

Call (515) 978-2777 or contact us. We offer a free personalized consultation to see how you or a loved one may benefit from any of WesleyLife's at-home services. Be sure to call us whenever you need to receive skilled care ordered by your physician. Call us anytime to make WesleyLife your preferred provider for home care. 

People You Can Trust

You can feel good about welcoming a WesleyLife employee into your home. We hire people who respect your privacy and are guided by a spirit of thoughtful service and Christian compassion. All have thorough background checks and drug testing.

"WesleyLife Home Care really does about everything! I don't think I can even count all the ways they help - they've been there when I really needed them."
Ilene Lindsey
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