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Garden View Memory Care Household

CoupleThose who face the challenges presented by a family member's memory loss find more than one ray of sunshine at Garden View memory care. 

We focus on person-centered care, emphasizing ability over disability, and strengths over limitations. Here, you'll find programming and staff who are trained and dedicated to memory support. By focusing on developing familiarity with the surroundings and each other, along with personalized scheduled based on choice, rather than routine, we've created an environment where people thrive. 

Even the architecture of Garden View, with natural lighting and secure spaces where residents can move about safely, signals that Park Centre’s licensed memory care household is not traditional.

The Garden View memory care household is home to up to 18 residents who enjoy spending time with their neighbors and family members.

Each day at Park Centre we recreate home as much as possible, with meals served family-style to encourage conversation. It’s a place where residents can take comfort in being surrounded by their familiar keepsakes and pleasure in having choices of how they would like to spend their day.

Garden View residents lead lives filled with respect and dignity. Team members strive each day not only to take care of residents’ needs but to honor each resident for the person they are.   

Memory boxGarden View view offers:

  • Individualized service plans
  • Private rooms with memory boxes at their entryway
  • Assistance as needed with activities of daily living
  • Personal furnishings and decorations encouraged
  • Three delicious meals prepared fresh daily and served family-style
  • Housekeeping, laundry service, and utilities are included
  • Customized nursing care and 24-hour onsite staff
  • Secure courtyard, as well as flower and vegetable gardens
  • Variety of planned activities to keep the mind, body, and spirit active and engaged
  • Underground pathway that connects Park Centre to Newton's medical center and clinic
  • Access to all Park Centre community amenities and services for residents and family members

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