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Living in Pella

Hearthstone, a ministry of WesleyLife, serves the Pella area by providing senior living options and health services through Fair Haven East, Jefferson Place, Pella Manor, and The Cottages. We invite you to stop by for a visit and participate in a tour.

Fair Haven East (607 East 3rd Street, Pella)

Fair Haven East is an independent, catered-living community where older adults enjoy comfortable private residences and many amenities. Upon request, WesleyLife at Home's services are available to meet the everyday needs of residents so they can maintain their independence and enjoy a richer, healthier lifestyle.

All-inclusive monthly fee. Each apartment includes a full-width balcony or ground floor patio.

Jefferson Place (413 Jefferson Street, Pella)

Jefferson Place provides rehabilitation and therapies to long- and short-term patients staying with us and to outpatients in need of these services. It is ideal for individuals who need outpatient therapy, long- or short-term care and skilled nursing care. The philosophy of care is "Get Well, Go Home," with the aim of helping individuals regain their personal independence. 

Jefferson Place's health center (formerly known as a nursing home) also serves as a long-term residence for individuals needing skilled nursing care. 

A total of 36 suites are available. All-inclusive daily fee.

Pella Manor (608 East Second Street, Pella)

Pella Manor is the ultimate destination for active and social independent living in Pella. Apartment choices range in size from an efficiency to two bedroom. Suites are also available. All-inclusive monthly fee. Each apartment includes a full-width balcony or ground floor patio.

The Cottages (1742 Main Street, Pella)

The Cottages is the first community of its kind in Iowa. It opened its doors in 2014. The Cottages were recognized by Environments for Aging with a 2015 Design Showcase Award of Merit. The Cottages consists of six different households that 100 residents call home. Each cottage is named after a province in the Netherlands to highlight Pella's Dutch heritage. Each cottage has it own vibrant community. They are named: Friesland, Gelderland, Groningen, Noord Holland, Zeeland and Zuid Holland. 

Friesland (assisted living)
All-inclusive monthly fee.

Gelderland (health center)

All-inclusive daily fee.

Groiningen (health center)

All-inclusive daily fee.

Zuid Holland (skilled nursing)

Each suite has its own bathroom and shower. All-inclusive daily fee.

Zeeland (memory support assisted living)

All-inclusive monthly fee, with lower pricing for a semi-private suite.

Noord Holland (skilled memory care in household living setting)

All-inclusive daily fee.

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