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Support the Dignity of Older Adults

Thanks to generous donors, residents will always be able to call WesleyLife "home."

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We promise our residents that if they expend their resources through no fault of their own, they will not be asked to leave their homes with us or experience a reduction in care.

This is known as the WesleyLife Promise, supported by our Good Samaritan and Good Shepherd funds.

Since WesleyLife was formed in 1947, this promise has been a part of our commitment to serving the greater community. Residents who are supported by donors to the Good Samaritan and Good Shepherd funds are anonymous. Supporting these funds means not only offering future security and care if needed, but also dignity. The WesleyLife Promise has been honored for over 75 years because of the generosity of donors to each community's fund.

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Together, We Offer Hope and Home

Residents who move into independent living in a WesleyLife community don't do so with the expectation that they'll be living full-time in that community's health center one day. But unforeseen illnesses and injuries happen, and relocations are sometimes necessary.

When a resident relocates to a health center, they are faced with increased costs; the price of long-term care continues to increase, especially as the degree of care becomes more involved. And the reality is: As life expectancies increase (10 years longer on average globally compared to 1950), often the need for a higher level of care increases as well, as evidenced by the growing number of Medicare beneficiaries in Iowa.

Make Your Impact

The WesleyLife Promise is supported solely by donations from caring neighbors like you. Donating to those funds at the community of your choice can dramatically enhance the peace of mind of residents who are facing life-altering decisions. 

Tax-deductible charitable contributions

WesleyLife Foundation, an IRS Section 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, is qualified to receive deductible charitable contributions. Our EIN number is 88-2893273. Charitable contributions are defined as a donation or gift to, and for the use of, WesleyLife Foundation. Gifts are voluntary and are made without receipt of, or promise of receipt of, anything of equal value.

Generally, you may deduct contributions of money or property you make to, or for the use of, WesleyLife Foundation. Consult IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions or your tax advisor on the amount of your deduction.

Recurring Donations

By completing the form and clicking the donate button, you authorize the storage of this credit card information, which will be processed on the 15th of every month per the chosen recurring schedule. If at any point you would like to cancel your recurring donation, please call (515)271-6789.

After moving to Park Centre, we found it necessary for my husband to have a higher level of care that required a larger financial commitment. The Good Samaritan Fund came to our rescue. Thank you for the loving kindness of those who continue to help others through this fund. We are grateful.
The Good Samaritan Fund Participant
Thank you. It is just so gratifying to know that there is support for the Good Shepherd Promise. I honestly don’t know what we would do without it. Eighteen years ago, when we moved in, we had no idea that we would be using The Good Shepherd Funds, but now we don’t know what we would be doing without it and without The Village.
The Good Shepherd Fund Participant
We are very grateful for the Good Samaritan Fund! We know that if we had to move her it would’ve affected her so severely. All of her friends are here and this is her home. A year ago, all of her friends came to attend her 100th birthday and it was a wonderful example of the community that she has built there.
The Good Samaritan Fund Participant

Make Your Difference

WesleyLife Foundation’s EIN number is 88-2893273