Team Member Spotlight: Mark McMillan

posted on Friday, April 7, 2017

Alec Thornton

Our latest team member spotlight comes courtesy of WesleyLife marketing intern Alec Thornton (left), a senior at Johnston High School. Alec profiles Mark McMillan, maintenance technician for the past five years at Hearthstone, a ministry of WesleyLife in Pella.

Mark McMillan

Alec Thornton: What is something about you that might surprise people?

Mark McMillan: "I'm an amateur astronomer. I bought my first telescope in 1986, and I've counted Saturn’s rings and seen moons around Jupiter. I'm also a rock collector, and I've enjoyed being able to present my rock collection to over 50 residents."

AT: "What attracted you to WesleyLife?"

MM: "My wife worked for WesleyLife. I really like it here because the residents make the job fun."

AT: "What is your favorite thing about your job?"

MM: "I'd have to say my most favorite thing is the residents. I'm proud to know over 100 of them by name." 

AT: "What's your favorite WesleyLife memory so far?"

MM: "My first year here, I made homemade ice cream and coffee cake for 10 residents. Last year, I did that for over 60 residents! I also created a small garden because one of the resident missed gardening. I'll go out of my way to make even one resident's day better.”

AT: "What makes WesleyLife different from other workplaces?"

MM: "The relationships are really like family. I had to promise the residents at my buildings that I won't leave them for another building! It's a fun environment to be a part of.”

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