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How to Set up Senior Home Services in the New Year accent

February 14, 2024 | By

Each new year provides a fresh opportunity to take an honest look at our lives and resolve to make positive changes. That might mean exploring other options to improve your quality of life and seeking out help where it’s needed so you can enjoy less stress and more freedom this year.

You may be surprised by the difference services at home can make in your day-to-day routines and overall outlook. Let’s explore how you can take advantage of these services this year.

Start with the Right Perspective 

We can all relate to the desire to “do it all,” but none of us — at any stage of our lives — is entirely self-sufficient, nor do we need to be. People are designed for community; we’re meant to rely on one another for help. When we embrace this fact and allow others to provide support, we can capitalize on our strengths without the pressure to do it all. 

Many people who choose to make senior living services part of their lives wonder why they didn’t take this step sooner. Contrary to giving up independence, at-home care can enhance your independence by helping you remain at home longer.

Plus, accepting help where it’s needed can free you up in exciting new ways. Why spend hours on yard work and house cleaning, for instance, when these tasks keep you from focusing on the passions and pursuits you love? Why feel stress and guilt over struggling to keep up with medications or forgetting to do mobility exercises when you can trust a home health aide to help you manage these responsibilities? 

Focus on all you can gain through at-home services, and eagerly look forward to what your life can look like with tailored support.

Determine the Services that Make Sense for You

Think through the   home services that would most enrich your life. At-home services can include a wide range of both medical and non-medical assistance.

At-Home Healthcare Services

If you are experiencing ongoing medical conditions, consider scheduling  a home health aide to come by regularly to provide practical support in managing your condition, assisting with medications, and administering injections or blood draws. A home health aide can also assist with temporary medical needs, such as post-surgical rehabilitation or wound care.

Non-Medical Home Services

Senior home services extend to a nearly endless list of non-medical needs. An aide can essentially serve as your assistant, helping with everything from personal care to household chores and errands. The beauty of these services is how customizable they are. A competent and compassionate aide can provide whatever help you need. 

You can also choose how frequently you want to receive routine assistance. For example, look forward to daily visits, weekly check-ins, or a schedule that falls somewhere in between. It’s all up to you and your preferences. 

Choose the Right In-Home Services Provider

As you compare senior living organizations (or individual service providers), consider factors that may help you make a final decision.

As AARP points out, asking questions such as, “How does a company assess your needs, and how are you matched with a caregiver?” and “How does the company vet their caregivers?” can help you learn more and feel confident about your decision. You may also want to ask whether you can expect the same aide each time or whether you’ll be paired with various aides. Connecting  with the same aide consistently can lead to a trusting professional relationship and a genuine friendship.

Budget for At-Home Service Costs

One question you may ask as you compare providers is: What is the cost of at-home services? . As you talk with senior living organizations or individuals you’re considering, ensure you understand their pricing structures. For example, rates may be hourly or daily. They may also depend on services provided or may be a flat rate. 

Once you understand costs, look closely at your budget. . Although at-home services can be an added cost, , you may be able to forego other expenses  through this more holistic approach. For instance, if you’re paying for services such as grocery deliveries, transportation to doctor’s appointments, home cleaning, or dog walking, you may be able to roll these into a more simplistic and cost-effective service. 

Most home healthcare services ordered by your physician are likely to be covered by Medicare or your private insurance plan. 


Make It a Great Year With At-Home Services 

At-home services can elevate your quality of life this year, removing the pressure to do everything on your own and allowing you to focus on what makes your life beautiful. By starting with a positive perspective and determining which services matter to you, you can customize the support you receive. Carefully compare providers and ensure you understand pricing to feel confident about your choice to embrace at-home senior services this year.  

Not sure whether now is the right time to set up services? Complete this At-Home Service Assessment to receive your personalized results!

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