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5 Ways In-Home Services Can Change Your Life accent

November 18, 2021 | By

What do your ideal senior years look like? If you’re like most older adults, you want to stay at home. A recent AARP survey found that 3 in 4 seniors hope to stay at home as they age, with 36% planning to modify their homes to make that dream possible. 

For many older adults, the reality of living at home falls short of what they hoped, especially if they struggle with isolation or chronic health issues. However, these challenges don’t have to undermine your retirement plans. WesleyLife believes in the power of living life on your terms, whether you stay at home, move in with a loved one, or transition to senior living. Our WesleyLife At Home suite of in-home services help you stay at home by enriching your life, supporting your health, and preventing loneliness. 

The Challenges of Living at Home

About a quarter of older adults are socially isolated, and a third report feeling lonely. Loneliness doesn’t just feel bad — it’s also awful for your health. Social isolation increases the risk of dementia by about 50%, and weak social relationships correlate with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

At-home services give you the support you need in the home you love. Take this  free assessment to determine if at-home services are right for you. >>

Meaningful and regular connection with others is critical to your health, but can be difficult if you do not drive, live in a remote area, or are single. Some other challenges of living at home as you age include:

  • Reliance on loved ones. Relying on others for support can decrease a sense of independence.
  • Family conflict. If you rely on loved ones for support, you may have more family conflict, especially if the roles of parent and child become reversed. 
  • Costs. Paying for activities, transportation, and other needs can be expensive. 
  • Time constraints. Preparing meals, shopping, repairing your home, and other mundane tasks can eat into the time you’d rather spend pursuing your retirement dreams. 

Why Some People Don’t Want to Move 

So much of your life has happened in your home, especially if you’ve lived in it for decades. You may have sentimental ties, as well as practical ones if your children live nearby. If you’re married, you may prefer living at home with your spouse to moving to senior living — together or separately. You may have a beloved garden, sunroom, or other space that feels uniquely you. Living at home is a reasonable choice, even if you have health issues. Getting older shouldn’t have to mean leaving a place you love if you don’t want to. 

How In-Home Services Can Help

In-home services can be life-changing. Here are five ways they can help: 

  • Better relationships. When you no longer rely on loved ones for transportation and support, you may find that family conflict decreases and the parent-child relationship reversal returns to normal. 
  • Greater independence. With at-home services, you can ask for exactly the help you need when you need it. No more waiting for a child to get off of work or a neighbor to come by to help you mow the lawn. 
  • More socialization. At-home services give you regular socialization with someone who is truly invested in your well-being. This can mean less loneliness and a deeper connection to your community. 
  • Better health. Quality meals, support to get moving, assistance in maintaining your home, and social interaction can all improve your health and sense of well-being. 
  • Safety. No matter how healthy you are, you may not feel comfortable living alone. If you don’t have a partner or roommate, you may worry about what might happen if you were to fall, have a medical emergency, or need immediate assistance. WesleyLife at Home ensures someone is there to check on you, helping you feel more confident at home.

What We Offer

WesleyLife is here to help you stay at home, even as your needs change. Our offerings include: 

    • Non-Medical Assistance. Non-medical home services are part personal assistant, part support for better health. We can monitor your vitals, help you get dressed, aid in basic home maintenance, and more. 
    • Home Healthcare Services. If you need support during an illness or chronic condition, or if you require post-hospitalization assistance, our teams of nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and aides will coordinate care with your doctor to provide wound care, medication management, health education, and much more.
    • Hospice. The word "hospice" can be startling, but at WesleyLife, hospice services assist your loved one in living life the way they want to, as long as they are able. WesleyLife Hospice focuses on what your loved one can and wants to do in this stage of life, and offers support for the whole family as well.
    • WellAhead. Our innovative program helps you stay at home comfortably, safely, healthfully, and independently while planning for any healthcare needs that might arise.
    • Meals on Wheels. Get a great meal delivered by a caring driver who will stop and chat for a moment to make sure your day is going well!
    • Adult Day. Our award-winning Adult Day services, providing respite and support while family caregivers are at work or tending to other responsibilities, ensure individuals with memory challenges enjoy a sense of independence while receiving care, and participate in meaningful activities that enable them to look forward to coming back the next day.

Need help finding the right services for your needs? Check out our senior living assessment.

Are at homes services right for you or your loved one? Take the free assessment


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