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6 FAQs About Independent Senior Living in Des Moines accent

February 15, 2022 | By

When planning the next half of your life, you might be curious about your options. Although you can experience everything Des Moines has to offer in your current home, independent living communities can make overall well-being — whatever that might mean to you — more convenient, attainable, and fun.

When you consider community living as a part of your future planning, you’re also considering  a future packed with engaging events, new friends, convenient amenities, and friendly service. Of course, any plan begins with research and plenty of questions, so we compiled a few of the most common questions about independent senior living in Des Moines and answered them for you.

No matter where you are in planning your next steps, WesleyLife is here to offer answers, support, and resources.

1. What is independent living?

Before you can consider independent living, you have to know more about it. 

Adults in independent living live as they would at home, but with access to a maintenance-free lifestyle and convenient services and amenities that enhance their well-being and lifestyle.

What does active aging look like in Des Moines? It looks exciting! Learn more  from The Complete Guide to Healthy Senior Living in Des Moines. >>

Today’s independent living communities are bustling hubs of activity. Residents are diverse and interesting, each with their own stories, preferences, talents, and styles. This unique blend of personalities and histories ensures that independent living communities are anything but boring.

2. Do I have to be retired to live in an independent living community?

No! In fact, many residents are involved in the workforce, whether working full time, part time, or consulting on the side. It’s common to find residents squeezing in a yoga class between conference calls or scheduling time off for trips with their community friends.

Independent living can be exactly what you want it to be, adjusting to your personal and professional obligations.

3. What services can I find in an independent living community?

Each independent living community is unique and offers services based on the residents they serve. However, it is common to find home maintenance, housekeeping, lawn care and snow removal, transportation, and security services at most independent living communities.

For example, at Edgewater, services go well beyond the basics of maintenance and security. Residents enjoy fresh meals prepared onsite, engaging events, new friends and concierge-level attention to detail. 

In any WesleyLife community, you can find residents living vibrant lives focused on well-being. The best part? Because well-being looks different for every individual in independent living, you don’t have to take part in every event or utilize every amenity to get the most out of your experience. Instead, you will find opportunities that suit your schedule and preferences.

Take a class in the art studio, catch a concert in the event center, or enjoy a group class in the fitness center. Independent living means your schedule is up to you.

4. How is the food?

Some of the most common questions about independent living revolve around the dining experience. At WesleyLife communities, dining is all about choice. With multiple dining venues and catering options throughout campus, residents have the opportunity to grab something quick before heading out or sit down with friends and share a delicious meal.

Feeling adventurous? Many communities are also within walking or biking distance of towns or cities, which means there’s always a new dining option to explore only a short distance from home.

If you are researching independent senior living communities in Des Moines, be sure to inquire about their dining options and plans and ensure the options provided suit your needs. You can also request to eat a meal on campus during your tour to get the full culinary experience.

5. Can I still be connected to the Des Moines community I love?

Absolutely! Volunteer at your favorite Des Moines organizations, meet up with friends at local restaurants and shops, hike your favorite trails, and take advantage of everything Des Moines has to offer with the added ease of living in an independent living community.

At Wesley Acres, for example, residents are steps away from Grand Avenue in the heart of the city. It’s common to find residents walking to their favorite restaurants or meeting up to stroll along the Furbush Trail.

6. What if I’m not quite ready to move yet, but want to meet new people and experience new things?

Living in the Des Moines area means you are already close to opportunities and resources that enhance healthy living. WesleyLife’s WellAhead program is available to residents in our Communities for Healthy Living and the greater community. You can access a free fitness assessment, fitness classes, and other programs when you join.

Although an independent living community can increase access to those opportunities, you can still take advantage of everything the Des Moines metro area has to offer. Download our free resource, Guide to Healthy Living in Des Moines, to find ideas and inspiration!

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